Part II: In Search of Heaven

I had just sat down after showering when I heard a knock on my door. The young man from the 5th room just came inside my room smiling. I welcomed him and he immediately sat on the chair next to me. He had blue eyes, black hair, and his facial complexion was reddish. If he didn’t clearly speak Urdu I would have thought he is European or American. I found him intriguing. He told me that his ancestors are Persian. “My parents settled in Karachi permanently about 50 years ago. I was born and raised in Karachi. Even had my education there. I was almost six when my mother died. A year later my father married a Pakistani lady. That’s when my sister was born; she is the most precious person to me in this world. I don’t let her out of my sight even for a moment.” I was listening to him with lot of interest. He kept on talking.

“Our father left quite a bit of wealth when he died. We both completed our Masters degrees. Our short term plan is to just visit these mountains in the area.” I laughed after hearing him. “Our story is very similar. My dad also left quite a bit of wealth when he died. We are 4 brothers. Every brother got 125,000 rupees in cash and 200,000 in estate. My dad was very cheap. He used to be very poor until he saved every penny and had hoarded a great deal of wealth. But he did not realize how anxiously his kids were waiting for his death. My oldest brother is on our father’s footsteps and is really making a name for himself. Second brother is a man of this world. Third brother spends lot of his time with prostitutes and alcohol. He’s an interesting man. Very easy going and relaxed. I like him the best. I’m the fourth one. Just like you I did my Masters. I don’t pay lot of attention to relations; though my dad loved me a lot. But he seemed very awkward to me. He provided me with education, but he often left me begging for a even just a few cents. That’s why I wasn’t really affected a lot when he died. I could have earned lot of money after completing my Masters. But when I thought about his wealth I didn’t want to really work. I don’t like guarding wealth like a snake; which was my father’s character. He made a big fortune including lot of cash, but he himself didn’t enjoy any of life’s niceties. He didn’t eat well. He didn’t dress well. Nor did he take advantage of any of this century’s amenities. Sad! He did not know that his children would not think like him and that they would take his fortune as their own and spend it as they wished. Otherwise, the poor man would have lived a few days in peace!!” The young man was listening to me very intently and smiling at the same time. He excitedly pulled his chair even closer to me and said “then what?”

“Then what? Well, I got my share of the wealth. I made a plan for the cash part of my inheritance. I’ll spend 25,000 rupees on traveling my country. I’ll travel to every part of the country. With the remainder 100,000 rupees I’ll travel the world. When I’m out of this cash, I’ll sell my property. I’ll donate 100,000 rupees of that to some hospital. I’ll busy myself with the remaining amount. I’m an educated man so I don’t think I’ll die hungry. I can work or do my own business. I think everyone should have a chance to make their own life. What do you think?” The young man laughed and said “I think it’s better if I keep my thoughts to myself. But my sister will be excited to hear your thoughts.” Why? Am I saying strange things……? “If I did not know how my sister thinks then I would have probably said that your thoughts are strange. But after living with my sister I don’t find much of anything as strange. Because there is nothing or no one stranger than her in this world!”

I intriguingly and interestingly looked closer at my new friend. He continued on with calmness and confidence. “Yeah, honestly. People often think my sister is crazy. But they’re wrong. She is not crazy. In reality, she is very well aware of human capacity. Her atypical intelligence often leaves even the most intelligent people speechless. So people comfort themselves by saying or thinking that she’s crazy. But at any rate, you can decide for yourself when you meet her. My reason for coming to you at this time is that I have to go for a important business for a couple of days to Rawalpindi. She does not want to go with me. So I’m troubling you because I didn’t see anyone else at the guest house who could look after her without trying to win her over. She thinks she is always safe because she is not afraid of death at all. If she does not speak to you herself then don’t bother her. But I will let her know that you and I have made acquaintance. She’s a free spirited girl. Maybe she’ll talk to you. Maybe she will not. Nevertheless I’m hopeful that you can look after her without letting her know…?”

“Of course.” I promised my new friend. “But I leave very early in the morning and come back at night. How will I look after her when I’m gone sight seeing?”

“I won’t put that responsibility on you. Don’t change any of your plans at all. When you’re at the guest house keep an eye on her.” “Okay, sure.” I promised him again. But my mind was revolving around curiosity so I asked him. “Why are you so concerned about her….?”

“It’s her life.” He said. “She’s a very atypical person. But she is not aware of her own uniqueness. She has tried to kill herself twice.