Part III: In Search of Heaven

She’s been very carefree and outgoing these days. It doesn’t seem like she will try again. But I love her quite a bit so I think about these things quite often.

By now I was beginning to understand where he was coming from. He was very sincere in his feelings. Suddenly I felt a deep urge and desire to meet this strange girl.

I was going out in the morning, but I didn’t see their Volkswagen. Atif might have left for Pindi. I was checking the jeep’s engine/oil and it needed more water. I yelled out to Khaansaman to get me a jug of water. After putting the water in the radiator I instructed Khaansaman what to cook for dinner as I started my jeep. Quite suddenly I noticed someone walking fast towards me. She was dressed in white pants, a red shirt, and dark sunglasses while letting her little hand bag hang from her right shoulder. She smilingly said, “good morning” while I looked at her with interest and intrigue.

The first thing I noticed about her was her little and beautiful nose. Her skin was very fair, but a little bit on the yellowish side. Her cheeks weren’t reddish like her brother’s. I replied back “Good Morning”, as she started saying, “can you take me with you sightseeing today if you don’t mind?” I automatically started smiling. I looked at her for a few seconds quietly. There was no hesitation in her. Her bottom lip’s middle part was a little bit pressed in. Rest of the bottom lip was a bit bumpy. I could clearly see the lines on the bottom lip. It was a strange lip. I laughingly asked “Won’t you be scared with me?”

“Scared?” She laughed very naturally. “From what?” What can you do to me?”

“Sit.” I was comforted by her response.

She hopped into the passenger seat by holding the bar at the top. I started on the road that leads to Badaasi. We did not talk for four to five miles. The road was curvy so I was carefully and quietly treading it.

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