In Defense of Theory (Part III) — Embrace the Space

Why we need to move beyond projects and platforms and add a new model for organising work to our systems change toolbox

Modern project management emerged in the early 1900s to support the execution of undertakings with well-defined goals and plannable completion pathways. Constructing the Hoover Dam was the quintessential Project. It was one of the first large-scale undertakings organised with Gantt charts, which had been developed by the engineer and management consultant Henry Gantt three decades earlier.

“Serendipity is a powerful ally when exploring the unknown.” — Helga Nowotny, in The Cunning of Uncertainty

That’s also why Spaces deemphasise determinism and prioritise adaptability. They seek to build the capacity to respond to what emerges in the system they intend to impact and to change goals and pivot strategies in response to the failures and successes of their own experiments.



A collection of stories exploring the most powerful levers for addressing climate change

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Dominic Hofstetter

I write to inform, inspire, and trigger new strategies for tackling climate change.