Major Tom to Ground Control

What’s a good business story? ft. David Bowie 🚀

Knock knock — Who’s there?

Let’s start with the obvious: every good story is clear. The meaning should be obvious, the idea ready to be taken. Particularly in a business setting, you want to make sure that your story has a point, and that your audience will find it useful.

You need to consciously build your story towards your idea.

A good exercise for this is to express the meaning of a story in 12 words or less. One should know exactly what your story proves — and proving it by being succinct, memorable and clear.

Earlier today, I was listening to Space Oddity. Unfortunately, I didn’t for ages. This time tough, the lyrics striked me: it’s Major Tom who’s leaving. Intentionally. Because from out there, he’s seeing the world from a different perspective. And there’s nothing more powerful than this shift.

Hi David, thanks for being with us. What‘s in your bag?

Here comes Major Tom, floating in the universe. Best way in town to understand what makes a good story and understand how powerful a idea can be.

Tom is out there and… 💥 Technical issue.

“Your circuit’s dead — There’s something wrong”

No way to communicate.

“Can you hear me, major Tom? Can you hear me, major Tom? Can you hear me, major Tom?”

But by leaving ground control, Major Tom consents to leave everything behind and to remain floating out there.

“I think my spaceship knows which way to go, There’s nothing I can do”

Let’s say that he doesn’t see things the way earthlings do.

“And I’m floating in a most peculiar way — And the stars look very different today”
“I think my spaceship knows which way to go, There’s nothing I can do”
“Can you hear me, Major Tom ?”

No he can’t. Major Tom is now forever part of a something bigger than us. He doesn’t want to stay among us anymore, randomly random. He wants a meaning, he wants to write his own story. Oh, I know. Ground Control is trying:

“You’ve really made the grade And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear”

He doesn’t care. He can’t resist a meaning. Yes, it’s risky, but there’s no place for doubt. No one can resist a meaningful story. There’s just room for letting everything go.

“I’m feeling very still”

So. What is it that brings you to the table? Why you do what you do? Something you lived through that exemplify your core.

Moment that show action happening are the most interesting for us.

Don’t be the ground control left alone. Start with Why — if you don’t, someone else will. A more engaged purpose can change everything: remember Dell (We make computers) vs. Apple (Think Different). One motto empowers people while the other don’t.

Great Stories To Learn From

Who’s thirsty now?

Guinness made an ad just over a minute long that is also moving. “Dedication, loyalty, friendship” said at regular intervals on the beat.

The end scene switches to a bar where Guinness is being served. Then comes the meaning: “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our territory.”

Who’s playing now?

1/ “When you have drive, you have a goal.”

2/ “When you’re focussed you’re not going to do anything to hinder what that goal is.”

3/ And finally, “That’s what drive is for me. It’s the fuel.

Thanks for reading! 👏