You create with your HEART, not your brain.

Let us both play a little game. Please bring back a memory when you have created something which involved all of you being to bring into existence. Something which has put you under what some might call suffering and stress, yet you managed to see that something come to life and you know it was your creation. It can be a business you made, a contract you signed, a child, anything. Now close your eyes for 10 seconds and do it.

Done? What happened during those 10 seconds? You went back and remembered all the stress and anxiety and fears and hard labor that you did. And you felt uncomfortable. But then you saw the big picture, the end result, your creation. You did it! And a beautiful feeling of accomplishment and bliss surrounded you. Am I right?

Do you care now about that labor and suffering you’ve been through? Do you see it as something dreadful and fearful or can you envision that as a communication system between the heart and the brain, like a guidance system that led you to fulfill your purpose which you set out in the first place?

Look at it again and analyze this: in the beginning, there was a mixture of fear and love. Fear came from the fact that you wanted to do something you’ve never done before, you didn’t know how to do and you couldn’t see beyond the first step, which was: “I want/desire/need/have to do this. But I have absolutely no clue as to what I’m doing or how I should be doing it.” Love was the immovable desire and decision that in spite of all the stop signs and red signals your brain was sending to you, somehow your heart told you that things will fall into place, like a cosmic tetris game and that you should go for it.

And love came from the fact that you focused on the end result. The expectation of that result, your dream fulfilled, gave you the feeling you will have once it has been done. You relentlessly focused on that end result and, when you think about it, you kinda ignored everything else in between and there were some big question marks and perils that now seem quite crazy to you. This is the power of imagination harvested from the heart. And you ignored your brain and just went for it. And it actually worked and you did it!

But why did you do it? What the hell was wrong with you in the first place?

Suffering! Call it whatever you want: pain, grief, depression, whatever. You were not what we call “happy” anymore, you were not content with where you were in that point of your life and you decided to act on it. You knew you wanted something else, maybe something more, but definitely something needed to change.

And where did that come from? Your brain told you that after looking at the charts and analyzing and thinking things that you want something else? Hell no. It started with a feeling. You slowly started to feel that something is wrong, out of place, out of touch. You suddenly felt somehow disconnected from most of the things that up until that point brought you comfort (most of them, financial comfort). And from that feeling from your heart, you started to use your brain and analyze things and concluded that something’s got to change. And the brain almost instantly sent a message to your heart:

What the fuck is wrong with you?

We’re surviving, we’re ok… ish, but it’s better than the nothing that might come from taking such a huge risk by doing something else and starting over! Are you crazy? Leave me alone and do your job, keep pumping the damn blood and shut up.

And you blocked your heart. We have the power to do that through our conscious will: block the heart by using the brain, but also block the brain by using the heart. The latter happens extremely rarely. You did that because of many reasons:

First, we have a layer of survival which comes from evolution, a homeostasis way of thinking if you will, meaning that we will be pleased with what we have as long as our basic needs are fulfilled and we are not threatened (check Maslow’s pyramid of needs if you want more on that). We don’t want to put ourselves into harm’s way, we are not very keen on taking big risks and we are quite happy if those needs are fulfilled. This is because our past was filled with dangers and the brain had to evolve to keep us alert in case of danger. But the brain doesn’t evolve as fast as society is. We’ve been taught to focus our brain more on external signals and react to them. And our brains are doing a great job.

Second, especially as men we have been taught to block our feelings. We are not allowed to feel anything that doesn’t connect with victory, power, supremacy, influence, toughness, etc. We are not allowed to show our weaknesses. It’s perfectly understandable, because during our hunter-gatherer times, we had to fight wild animals and other tribes that came for our land and women. But we’re living amazing times. We can be safe, we can fully explore our being, and our being is not made only of analytical patterns, but it is a mixture of feelings and reason that can make us move forward as humans. We don’t have to compete each other for survival, even though we’re told otherwise.

Third, fear of the negative results from what you convinced yourself through your brain that the outcome will definitely not be what the heart is telling you. “You will fail, you will not do what you want because I, the brain, have no idea how to do what that crazy heart is telling you.” And many more other reasons.

You blocked your heart and you went on about your daily life. But after a while, that feeling crept back in. And it you shut it down again. And it kept happening and happening until you realized you were depressed. You couldn’t understand why, everything was going good, you were making money, you were surviving, yet you weren’t happy. But it didn’t feel right.

And you decided to act. No more waiting for something to happen, no more postponing, no more bullshitting yourself. You started to act.

And this is how the creation process started! YOU STARTED TO ACT!

You decided to follow that feeling and turn it upside down. You knew it was unnatural for you, you knew you’ve felt great in the past, unlike now. You knew it’s not normal for you to feel like this. And you did something about it.

It took everything you had, but you focused on the end result, not on the means. You used your brain as a trustworthy comrade, as a tool to unravel the path before you step by step. It was like driving in pitch black between two cities: you can’t see the whole road, just what’s in front of you from your headlights. But you know where you want to go and you have the faith that the road will take you there.

But the sherpa, the invisible guide who knew the road all along and who was steering your path to completion was your heart.

Because that was when your heart and your brain were in sync. They were communicating efficiently. None of them was trying to suppress the other one. The heart was showing you the vision of your desire, your final creation, the brain was providing you with the tools needed for your creation. The heart was the map, the brain was the milestones. And with each action you took that moved from one milestone to the other, your heart sent you feelings that empowered you and made you to move more and further, regardless of what obstacles you encountered on your way.

In the end, I leave you with this:

Create from your heart. ACT. Execute with your brain.