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Influencers with a macro following might not be the right choice for you. We have seen how nano influencers, with less than 2,500 followers and micro-influencers, with less than 100,000 followers, deliver excellent results for brands wanting to grow their customer base.

Unsplash / @jaredkcreative

1. They have Built-in Authenticity
Micro and nano influencers, provide real customer advocacy being they are authentic voices. Since they like the brands they ultimately post about, their posts are word of mouth. These influencers develop personal relationships with their followers, resulting in followers who show genuine interest in their content. Micro and nano influencers are more relatable than macro influencers and their recommendations have value for their followers.

Statistically it’s easier to relate to a micro or nano influencer that is promoting a product. That is the case with the food blogger and Instagrammer @recipesfromapantry. When a food blogger such as this one shares a photo of them enjoying some healthy and delicious breakfast, you don’t question the organicity of such content.

Instagram / @recipesfromapantry

2. They are Cost Effective
Both the volume of micro and nano influencers, in addition to their smaller following, makes their sponsored rate a more affordable one for brands looking to work with influencers as well as those wanting to increase their investment. Less investment is one of the many benefits of collaborating with micro and nano influencers. Brands can work with several influencers simultaneously and reach a more engaged audience over a sustained period.

​Micro and nano influencer marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising and compared to macro influencer campaigns is far less costly.​

3. They have Higher Engagement Rates
Posts from micro and nano influencers have higher engagement as compared to posts from macro influencers. A survey conducted by HelloSociety showed micro influencer campaigns drive engagement rates 60% higherthan standard marketing campaigns. It also showed that their campaigns are 6 times more effective per engagement than campaigns of macro influencers.

​The reason for such a high level of engagement is their big influence. Micro and nano influencers cater to a niche audience and their trust level is high. Even though they do not have as many followers as macro influencers, they reach deep into their niche market and help your business reach prospects more efficiently.

4. They are Easier to Work with and Easier to Recruit
Influencers with smaller audiences are easier to access compared with macro influencers. They are everyday people, and have time to maintain good communication with their audience and answer their questions. They are more open to a collaborative process that will produce content that will present your brand in an relevant way, while still feeling authentic.

​The brand Sperry, worked with many micro influencers on Instagram. Sperry’s influencers are usually people who were already sharing photos of its products. One of these Instagrammers Alexandra Ford Hamilton, had a strong, loyal following. In her photos, she wears Sperry’s shoes in scenic and exotic locations.

Instagram / @alexandr_ford

At In/Spree Brands, we match your brand with the right influencers from nano to macro influencers, we have you covered. Schedule a demo with us here.

In/Spree Brands

We match brands with proven influencers who create beautiful content and become your brand ambassadors. Reach millions of targeted people.


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In/Spree Brands

We match brands with proven influencers who create beautiful content and become your brand ambassadors. Reach millions of targeted people.

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