How Parent Loyalty Conflicts Hurt Innocent Children of Divorce

The way that parents handle the divorce can have a lasting impact on their children.

Angry teenager grabbing her head in frustration.

It’s no secret that divorce is hard on kids. In fact, a recent study found that children of divorce experience a number of negative outcomes, such as increased anxiety and depression, lower academic achievement, and problems in their own relationships. One major reason for…




A collection of posts that explore the effects of separation & divorce on children of all ages. Advice, stories from the trenches, words of wisdom, and information parents and other family members will find helpful while navigating family court cases with children.

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Jenny R. Stevens

Jenny R. Stevens

SC Attorney | Guardian ad Litem | Mediator ~ Wife ~ Mom ~ Stepmom ~ Gigi ~ Daughter ~ Lover of Books & the Written Word ~ And Coffee ~ Peloton-er

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