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How You Stack with the Fold Card

The four simple steps to earn uncapped bitcoin back with the Fold Visa Debit Card. Earn up to 100% back in bitcoin on each purchase or even a whole bitcoin*.

TL;DR The Fold Card is unlike any other debit card in that you spin a prize wheel after each transaction to determine what your bitcoin cashback reward is. Here’s how it works:

Step 1️: Add Funds to Your Card

You can start using your Fold Card right after you add funds to your account. There are multiple ways to load $$ onto your card:

  • Instant: Fund your card from your Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Cash balance. These services typically charge a small fee for instant transfers. You’ll be able to fund your Fold Card instantly (right within the app) in the coming months.
  • In-app Funding (1–3 days, excluding holidays): Login and authorize your external bank account right within the Fold app to seamlessly transfer funds to your Fold Card.
  • Direct Deposit: Set it and forget it. Conveniently add your paycheck, tax refund, or government benefits check to your Fold Card using your account number and routing details (found in app)

You can also add funds via bank transfer if one of the above options doesn’t work for you. ✨Additional instant funding options are in the works

After adding funds to your card, you can get started using your virtual card online right away, or in-store by adding your card details to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Your physical card will arrive 7–10 business days after signing up.

Step 2️: Make a Qualifying Purchase

Make a purchase of $3 or more* anywhere your Fold Visa Card is accepted to trigger the post-purchase spinwheel. After the merchant authorizes the transaction, you’ll get a push notification (like the one shown below) to spin the wheel.

You can spin the purchase wheel on up to 10 transactions per 24 hour period (this will soon be a daily limit per merchant instead of the 10 spin cap).

You’ll get a push notification after each qualifying purchase when it’s time to to spin.

Step 3️: Spin the Wheel!

After each transaction is authorized, you have a limited window of time to spin the purchase wheel:

  • 24 hours for premium members
  • 1 hour for intro members

The wheel might look similar to the one you spin daily for free sats. But, it has special prizes that are revolving and only for cardholders. The post-purchase wheel switches out regularly, so check back for new prizes.

Spin the post-purchase wheel after every qualifying transaction made with your Fold Card to determine your sats back reward.
See your bank of available extra spins right below your recent transactions. You can collect an unlimited amount of extra spins, but they do expire 7 days after being issues.

Step 3.5: Use an Extra Spin

Missed a spin? Or want to try your shot at a better prize? We drop extra spins into your account each week. You can also win them on the wheel or earn them by hitting certain savings and spending milestones.

You can respin eligible transactions right from the recent transaction list and see your available extra spins in your spin bank (right below your transactions)

Step 4️: Stack Sats & Win Every Time

Spend, spin, win, and repeat to watch your stack grow over time (we call this the power of NgU rewards).

Once all of your purchases have settled, and you’ve reached at least 50k settled sats, you can withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet.

* “Rewards” are credited as bitcoin rewards in our Rewards program. For full terms and conditions of our rewards program, see the Terms of our Rewards Program and the Fold Visa Prepaid Card Rewards Addendum. Visit for full details.




Fold is the best way to earn Bitcoin back on every purchase. Earn Satoshis (sats) with Fold through our Visa rewards debit card or by buying prepaid gift cards for top retailers. Spin the Fold wheel everyday to earn boosted prizes or free sats! Available on iOS and Android.

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