Introducing Uber

Today, Fold is expanding beyond Coffee and Donuts.

The hard-working team here at Fold has spent the last couple of months updating our backend and user experience. While this was very much needed, it was also in anticipation of some new features and brands…

Today we are excited to welcome Uber to Fold lineup! You can now use Bitcoin to purchase your next Uber ride. Simply select the dollar amount, send your Bitcoin, and then ride safely to your next event.

For a limited time use Bitcoin to purchase your next Uber ride and get a $5 Starbucks card as a reward. Click here to get started! *

Along with rides from Uber, you can use your gift card to order from your favorite restaurants through Uber Eats. The balance is transferable across the Uber and Uber Eats app.

*The $5 gift card will be deposited by Friday, December 14th.

Limited to first 100 redemptions.

Limit 1 redemption per user.

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