My Two Years Interning at Hudl: Why I Came Back

Audrey Chung
Aug 9 · 5 min read

Hi, I’m Audrey. I’ve spent my past two summers as a Software Quality Analyst intern at Hudl. In simpler terms, I test software and give features a stamp of approval before we ship them out to users. But as I’m writing this post from our blue “Boston” lounge, looking out at the beautiful red-brick Haymarket area, I’m here to tell you that Hudl and Lincoln, Nebraska are much more wonderful than a job description, travel brochure, or even I could ever describe. But I’ll do my best.

So, why did I come back for a second summer?

Art Alley in the Historic Haymarket district

For starters, I came back because of Lincoln.

Hudl’s headquarters is located in the downtown, Historic Haymarket district, where all the buildings are made from antique red brick and you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Needless to say, it’s a great spot for Instagram pictures.

The area is filled with a mix of trendy and classic mom and pop shops. 402 Creamery is a hidden gem you must visit. Pistachio + nougat + raspberry + honey ice cream = pure bliss and worth every calorie. A five-minute walk away is Kinkaider, where you can get some locally brewed beer in a wide array of flavors like peanut butter & jelly. If you can’t pick just one, get a flight of five! After you’re full (or boozy) and want to do something fun, try your hand at Escape Lincoln. I just did a spooky Edgar Allen Poe-themed room, and spoiler alert — it was a blast. We escaped after a few scares with five minutes to spare.

402 Creamery’s Bee’s Knees ice cream. YUM!

Right next to the Haymarket is the Pinnacle Bank Arena, and southwest is the Pinewood Bowl outdoor amphitheater. There I had the pleasure of seeing a local production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and I enjoyed it just as much as the shows I’ve seen in NYC! If you like live music, we also had Cardi B AND Jon Bellion come into town this summer. Need I say more?

An action shot from Pinewood Bowl Inc.’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Lincoln’s unofficial hub of ethnic cuisine and shopping is a short drive east. If you’re German, Korean, South African, Vietnamese, Turkish, etc., there’s a grocery store catered to your needs. If you don’t want to do the cooking, stop by Pho Factory for an excellent bowl of pho. (And that’s coming from someone who used to live in California!)

But I didn’t come back just because I love Lincoln, I came back because of Hudl.

Hudl HQ in the evening.

On that note, let’s chat about employee benefits. Free daily lunch and snack and unlimited vacation? Boom. Cart. Done. Every week at least one person is out on vacation, and it’s no biggie. Our interns have used their time off to go to places like San Francisco, New York, even Croatia.

Hudl has a full in-house kitchen that provides a different lunch every day, including a soup and salad bar. A few hours later, snack is put out! Some of my favorites have been baked salmon, matcha and raspberry muffins, and pretzel nugs. Oh, and of course the iconic Nebraskan cinnamon rolls and chilli. Trust me — it’s good.

Snack time: trail mix and a matcha & raspberry muffin. Yum!

But the most important thing that sets Hudl apart is its culture. The company culture is centered around its core values: Dominate, We Listen, We’re a Family, We Thrive on the Front Lines, and We’re Respectfully Blunt. Every day Hudlies center their work lives around these values and it shows.

If you don’t like how something is done or see an issue, it’s okay to speak up. More than that, it’s welcomed to be respectfully blunt and throw down some #realtalk.

There are always opportunities thrive on the front lines by going out to clinics and schools to see our products in action and interact with coaches.

At Hudl, we’re a family. You’ll be hard pressed to find people who are more more genuine and kind than Hudlies. Whether you have car issues, need to take time off for parental leave, or need a helping hand in general, the folks at Hudl have big hearts and will be there for you.

Silent disco at the U.S./Canada retreat party. It was lit.

Arguably the most important value to me is we listen. Hudl’s vision and plan is shaped around user feedback and what coaches actually want. Across the company, Hudlies take constructive criticism to redirect squad goals or to step back and refocus on what’s really important. At Hudl, what you think and what you say is important, and your coworkers actively listen to you. That’s really powerful.

Finally, at Hudl we dominate. We want to be number one in everything we do, and to truly dominate, we have to listen, act as a family, thrive on the front lines, and be respectfully blunt. These values show and directly impact how employees are treated.

Hudl’s core values award wall.

Another way Hudl dominates? Interns are treated like everyone else. They’re put on product squads, working with full-timers on projects that have real user impact. As an intern, you’re set up for success and then given real responsibilities with real consequences. You work with your team to determine what you want to do; it’s not delegated to you. (Wow, right?!)

There’s also opportunities for interns to take on their own side projects within the company. Past projects have included a push for diversity awareness, intern event planning, and even a testing network between the QA and Support departments. The best part is that no one told any of these interns to take on these tasks. They were born as passion projects, and after the interns who made them left, these projects have continued to live on and have a lasting impact.

Recreating the iconic Abbey Road shot at the intern scavenger hunt.

So why did I come back to Hudl for another summer?

Because the company and the people who work there have earned a special place in my heart. If you’re considering summer employment options, I hope you’ll give Hudl a chance.

The UT interns at Hudl’s retreat party.

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Behind the scenes of life at Hudl

Audrey Chung

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In The Hudl

Behind the scenes of life at Hudl

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