In The Mind of Fashion

The Psychology, Business and Strategy Of America's Closet

Tom Ford

Jay-Z and his new rules

To say that Jay-Z knows how to monetize hip hop is an understatement. He’s pioneered “poetry for profit” in a way that has led him to…

Chanel at Home Plate

This is the story of my Chanel suit, and how it has changed my life (so far)

I bought the suit secondhand, at a little shop near the Los…

Fashion & Tech are now in a relationship

Fashion week season is over and the biggest trend coming from the runway was not the color to look out for next winter season but the growing relationship between fashion and technology. This is not a new trend but over the last few years fashion and technology have merged at an accelerated pace. From livestreams to interactive smartphone…

Fashion Shopping And Technology

The intersection of fashion shopping and technology is a bit fun, in part because I am a fierce fashion consumer, and in part because a lot of those who are creating fashion-related technology come from a more technology side. The intersection of what is predominantly a women’s market and the technology industry coming together is a fascinating combination to…

Gravata borboleta / Bow tie

A gravata borboleta veio com tudo, não para ser uma tendência, mas para se fixar como um acessório para aqueles que gostam de estar na moda.

On Influence And Fashion

I had been enough of a regular of a fashion brand to where its local store recognized my voice when I phoned about items. So how did it lose my interest as a customer this past year? A marketing campaign using what the company considered ‘influencers,’ a popular brand trend at the moment where companies put products on people who have small pockets of following or…

For Shoppers, Gilt Groupe Is Not About The Deal

I remember when Gilt Groupe first launched. I remember thinking at that time that someone was taking the right approach to sample sale shopping online.

Being in the e-commerce space since the early 2000s, when things like Zappos were tiny and the retail industry was just trying to figure out what to do about the internet…

Zara’s website

It’s hard in this new webland of minimalism to make a unique image for yourself. Zara has managed.

This website is pretty standard, but Zara has everything…

Being The American Fashion Consumer

I was born with an odd combination of an intense mind for research and business with a love for fashion and style of all kinds. It can be a handbag, a lamp, faux eyelashes. It’s all style to me and I do not differentiate. What it has also meant is that I have spent an exorbitant amount of time monitoring and learning about the process, thoughts and…

In The Mind of Fashion
In The Mind of Fashion

The Psychology, Business and Strategy Of America's Closet

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