Leaked email exposes strategy of California charter school backers

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Donald Cohen
Jul 11 · 2 min read

Leaked email exposes charter backers. A leaked email has revealed that after the Los Angeles teachers strike, well-connected charter school supporters worked on a plan to stem anti-charter sentiment and regain control of local education reforms. Los Angeles Times

AB 1505 appears to have gotten watered down.On Wednesday, the Senate Education Committee approved an amendment-filled AB 1505, which would reform how charter schools are authorized statewide. The bill’s authoer, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, D-Long Beach, said he will continue to press for several significant changes, particularly dealing with the process of appealing charter denials. EdSource

“When charter schools fail, parents are left scrambling.” Capital & Main’s Larry Buhl: “There has been no shortage of charter school failures in California, and the rate of abrupt school closures is very high across the nation.” Capital & Main

Conflict of interest at Salinas charter school. The state’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has found that the former executive director of Oasis Charter Public School violated state law by striking maintenance and landscaping contracts with a company owned by her husband, enriching him to the tune of $132,000 for two years’ work. Monterey County Weekly

Prop 39 battle heats up in Los Angeles.The Los Angeles Times’ Howard Blume: “One school’s success often is seen as being at the expense of the other. Parents and teachers at numerous schools have led unsuccessful protests to keep a charter off campus. At some campuses, the district has gone so far as to demolish outdated and outlying buildings, which increases playground areas while also deterring charters from claiming available classroom space.” Los Angeles Times

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In the Public Interest is a nonprofit that advocates for democratic control of public goods and services.

Donald Cohen

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Exec Director of In the Public Interest, a non profit promoting the democratic control of public assets and services. inthepublicinterest.org

In the Public Interest

In the Public Interest is a nonprofit that advocates for democratic control of public goods and services.

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