Abortion is the golden calf of white evangelical Christianity. WECs don’t just worship this golden calf, an idol that’s been created out American Christian slogans, politics, and various other white nationalist trinkets, but apparently we are willing to offer “sacrifices” unto it as well.

What kind of sacrifices? We don’t have to look too far to see what we WECs are willing to give up at the feet of golden calf of the abortion cause:


Black Lives Matter

The rights of LGBT

Our Muslim neighbors

Native Americans

The literal words of Jesus

Almost unilaterally (or by at least 81% if looking at recent presidential voting data) we WECs have determined that (our definition of) ProLife is worth so much more than any of these that we are willing to lay them all aside, and indignantly defend ourselves whenever anyone says “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be followers of Jesus???”

“That’s not what He meant” we say.

“You’re taking it out of context” we say.

“But the Supreme Court!” we exclaim.

“We are not electing a Pastor-in-Chief!” we snark.

“There’s a war on Christianity!” we digitally scream with every Facebook share, post, and comment.

The problem with all this, is everyone now has access to the Gospels, whether they are sympathetic to it or not, and with every shallow defense we proclaim, the self-proclaimed “authority” of our white privilege, shrouded in the self-defense of a trumped up American Christian nationalism, is exposed for what it is.

And there we stand, for the whole world to see, naked and ashamed in the garden we planted ourselves.

Many of us don’t realize it yet, but that day will come. Many of our “leaders” believe we will always support their propaganda, but it can’t last. We can continue to make an idol out of things/issues that we want others to abide by, but this double mindedness will consume and destroy us.

These are truly sad days. My heart breaks daily because of these awful positions that are constantly upheld by my demographic.

I will not stop standing up for the real truth.

I will not stop standing up for my Muslim friends and neighbors.

I will not stop standing up for my black brothers and sisters.

I will not stop attempting to help, in whatever way I can, the foreigner or the stranger in my community.

I will not stop being an advocate for the rights of the LGBT in my community.

I will not stop repenting for my own prejudices or the sins of my white ancestors.

I will not let my advocacy for being ProLife stop at the unborn.

I will not bow to the golden calf.