Aaron Gibralter
Dec 16, 2015 · 2 min read

Dec 3 Full-Stack Engineering Meetup

On Thursday, 2015–12–03, Greenhouse hosted the Full Stack Engineering Meetup. Greenhouse’s own Dana Pieluszczak presented our cutting edge deployment infrastructure as we plan a large migration to AWS. His talk described Greenhouse’s motivation for migrating from Heroku to AWS proper, and the reasoning that went into the design of our own PaaS. The stack leverages Docker containers running on a Mesos/Marathon cluster with a simple Rails API and Ruby CLI for administration, and it includes some neat features such as the ability to spin up independent, ephemeral staging/testing environments for QA and acceptance testing.

Also, presenting were Kevin Lupowitz and Victor Cuascut from CLEAR. Kevin gave a brief overview of CLEAR’s biometric platform that uses fingerprints and retina scans to identify customers. Initially, CLEAR built partnerships with the TSA for fast-track security clearance at select airports in the US, but it has now expanded to work with companies such as the New York Yankees to provide seamless entry into the stadium as well as self-service beer. Victor took over to dive deep into CLEAR’s AWS-based infrastructure. He went over the limitations of working with AWS GovCloud and the challenges of migrating some services to AWS’s normal cloud. CLEAR also leverages Mesos through Mesosphere running on top of AWS ECS and autoscaling groups.

Please look out for our next event in January 2016, and visit greenhouse.io/careers: We’re hiring for an Engineering Lead (Customer Solutions), Full Stack Software Engineers, as well as many other roles.

Originally published at tech.greenhouse.io on December 16, 2015.

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