Pizzaman #4: FAS

Pizzaman has friends in the cloud

FAS is my friend

Good trixelian FAS

Some days, FAS comes by.

When they do, the clouds morph phantasmagoric and we are somewhere else but I never seem to know where not that it matters much. Or we are exactly where we were and nothing’s changed at all and Pizzaman is, as always, confused.

“How goes it?” FAS asks.

“Alright. Usual. What’s the cave look like today?”

We call it — everywhere we are — the cave and our trixelations, cave paintings. It suits us.

“Violet” says FAS “like a bunch of fish packed together on a carpet, slipping and sliding around each other but never breaking the carpet. Always in their proper place. But squirmy, ya know?”

“I suppose. Nothing but pizza for me again today. Now it is different and I see what you’re saying, but not until you came”

“Hmm…I wonder if I’ve ever seen it…always the same for you. It’ll change soon, I’m sure!”

“Yes, yes, always will”

“Hmm. I feel elsewhere. Bye, Pizzaman!”

“Good bye FAS!”

And they’re gone. And the cave goes back.

cave paintings made on TRIXEL

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