Why Inbest?

Inbest Network is a global decentralized marketplace aiming to unlatch the future of investment.

By accelerating adoption of blockchain technology, we make the cryptocurrency market accessible, enabling everyone to participate in the new economy.

This marketplace is not owned by any single one party. Instead, it is an open network of validators which enforce behavior of all participants.

By connecting individuals, financial partners and developers, we create value within the network utilizing the mechanism of a protocol token -IBST- as the interchange value unit for greater simplicity, transparency and efficiency.

Still, with over 1300 different coins to choose from in the market, why Inbest?

Unlike nearly all other traditional investment marketplaces, like well known ´NYSE´ and ´Nasdaq´, Inbest Network is open to anyone eager to participate.

Our marketplace is built on top of Ethereum technology, though our long term vision is to connect and interact with multiple and more advanced blockchain-like technologies.

Moreover, IBST is a utility token of limited issuance, and therefore prone to increase in value.

To access the IBST tokens, we developed a mobile app that not only validates the use of our token but also allows us to invest in managed portfolios with the best and most promising cryptocurrencies along with other financial assets such as bonds or stocks.

In short, Inbest Network facilitates decision-making for investors, therefore providing greater accessibility to the Crypto economy and unlatching the future of investment to everyone.