With Anything World you can generate anything with just your voice!

Anything World — Natural Language Generated 3D Environments

Generating a full 3D scene with just your voice.
See Anything, Say Anything, Play Anything with Anything World!
Generating a few llamas and even a Giraffe to talk to.
Gordon Midwood, CEO of Anything World

How It Works (Warning! Tech jargon ahead!)

A static llama model coated in a magic sauce and brought to life.
Machine learning transforms a static llama model into a living interactable animal with it’s “magic sauce”.

What’s Next For Anything World?

  • Moving to an automated traditional rigging system with bones, skinned meshes with automatic weighting based on the classifications
  • Coming soon to Unreal Engine as a plugin
  • Soon available for native web engines like Three.js and Babylon.js
  • Bringing in high poly models
  • Adding the ability to point to a specific custom model collection or provider
  • Users can upload their own models to the site to become “smart objects”
  • A built-in feedback mechanism so the machine learning algorithm can be told when something was done wrong so it can attempt to correct itself and learn from it’s mistakes
Gordon pitching at Techstars London Demo Day
  • Creation games like Roblox
  • Indie games like Spilt Milk Studios
  • EdTech for schools and colleges like Koala
  • Virtual conferencing solutions like RemotelyHQ
  • Language learning in VR
  • Hackathons and Game Jams like Global Game Jam
  • AR Instagram filters
  • Social networking meme generation
  • And many, many more!!!
Anything World concept for an AR Instagram filter.

What This Means for the Future of 3D

Voice of Anything!

Everything! World

Anything? World

3D Is Hard and It Shouldn’t Be



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