From weekend AR demo to release on ProductHunt

Volodymyr Kurbatov
Nov 14, 2017 · 5 min read

This article was originally published on my personal website.

As a designer, of course, I do like typography. Calligraphy itself have something hypnotizing. It’s something that you want to do a lot, but as usual, don’t have enough free time. Over time I collected a good amount of different pens but haven’t drawn a lot. From another point, augmented reality is new technology, that makes my heart beating faster. So I decided to combine them and make some demos to play a little bit with letters.

I tried to use ARKit, as it’s the best solution for augmented reality, but after a few tests. I realized that the camera can’t recognize and keep track of blank paper. I thought that some features around the empty area should help. But after a user starts drawing and keeps his hand in tracking area ARkit become interrupted and lose tracking.

Therefore I had to use something to what I can connect art, and draw on blank paper. AR.js that uses A-Frame is the best solution. With simple HTML code, I was able easily to build a scene.
After I made the experiences I needed landing. I used Webflow to build a simple page. Also, I needed https secured page to allow browser get access to the web-camera. For hosting, domain and SSL Certificate I used GoDaddy.

I’m not so good at making calligraphy so I picked beautiful designs from Pinterest. I tried to find creators, and write to them that I used their designs. Only one of them asked me to delete his designs as he believes only in offline studying 🤷‍

After I got everything done. I posted the link on Twitter, Designer News, and Reddit. And obviously, nothing exceptional happened. I got around one thousand visitors in a week, which was good enough to start digging in google analytics. I keep enforcing people around me to try drawing. I even carried everywhere the peace paper with hero marker. So while time, I was able to collect some feedback.

Image for post
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One day after I posted the link to a-frame slack chat, one guy featured on Product Hunt. I was already 5 hours late for 24 hours race but decided to promote it. Eventually, I got a few hundreds of upvotes, a lot of feedback and more data on my google analytics page. What allows me to make some summary

Demo good, product better 🚀

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Build something is easy 🛠

Friendly community 🤜🤛

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Image for post

User case is a key 🗝

Hype around AR is still here 🔥

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Image for post

People don’t use apps 🙅‍

Print marker is extremely difficult 🖨

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Image for post

Unfortunately, head-mounted displays are not here 🤳

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For example, check my previous article about the human factor in virtual reality data visualization.

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