Introduction of Immersive Interviews

“Immersive Interviews” is series of interviews with people that are giving their lives for developing new realities.

…with innovators that are creating new ways of interacting with unknown every day.

…with visioneers that are making distances shorter.

…with artists that are changing a fable to reality.

…with genious that are creating the future technologies.

…with believers that are making magic reachable.

…with engineers that leverage all possible and impossible to deliver the best usable solutions.

…with futurists that are giving us trust that we can make our reality better by enhancing it.

But without loud words, it’ll be series of interviews with designers, prototypers, developers, CEOs, researchers, and makers that are working in AR/VR field.

We will ask them about:

- Daily routines.
- Tolls that they are using.
- Hardware preferences.
- Life stories.
- Bits of Advice.
- Future ideas.
- Workflows.

If you recognized yourself in those lines, and you have what to say (I’m sure that you have) drop me a line on email or Twitter.

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