An Augmented Reality prototype for runners.

Run AR — An Augmented Reality Prototype Exploration

A video depicting potential augmented reality options for outdoor runners.

Voice Commands

Obstacle Avoidance

Virtual Pacer


Helpful Tips

Other Possible Features

  • interactive maps
  • weather updates like temperature changes and barometric changes
  • altitude changes
  • music controls
  • interactive audio stories
  • rewards and achievements
  • sign translation
  • detour route suggestions
  • talking to other runners wirelessly
  • seeing pacers for other runners who have done this same run (including your own)
  • video streaming your run to followers or other runners
  • remote monitoring of vitals
  • remote coaching
  • gamification with scores and leaderboards
  • race management and interactive participation

How I Built This Prototype

  1. Found running video on YouTube and downloaded it using a free service.
  2. I edited a clip I wanted to prototype around using Adobe Premiere.
  3. Imported the clip into a VR application called Tvori (it requires a Pro or Enterprise license that allows media import.)
  4. I placed a plane in a new scene and used the video as a texture map by dragging it onto it.
  5. I pulled a camera out of the Shelf and placed it so the screen filled it.
  6. Pulled a locator out of the Shelf and placed it approximately where the path was in the video.
  7. I pulled a character out of the Shelf and parented it to the locator (so I can move the root easily without modifying lots of animation).
  8. I next animated the character in a run cycle leveraging the Animators Survival Kit page 178.
  9. Pulled a slightly curved planed out of the Shelf and gave it a dark multiply material using Materializer and parented it to the Camera
  10. I then added all of the text bits and animated them in and out of the scene.
  11. Pulled a tree out of the Shelf, gave it an additive red material using Materializer, and animated it onto the scene where the branches come close to the runner’s head.
  12. I pulled a bracket icon out and did the same as the branch.
  13. I pulled a locator icon out of the Shelf and created the waypoint animation.
  14. I added visibility keys to everything that appears and disappears in the scene.
  15. Recorded the entire animation using OBS Studio to capture the VR window from Tvori.



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Nate Girard

I’m a Senior UX Designer for SaaS B2B products. I have a passion for VR/AR/XR and I am formally trained in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.