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Hello. My name is Pavel Sovushkin. I am an experience designer for augmented and virtual reality. I lead the UX / UI design team at WOWlab.

We collaborate with XR startups and take on our side design tasks. We have been designing for virtual reality for 5 years now and are developing our specialization.

Mastering our specialization in UX/UI in the industry, we help XR teams make good projects.

For example, Project Amplifier AI has deep specialization in AI and medicine. When they saw the potential for using VR to improve performance, they needed design expertise for VR.

About what design we collected and what tasks we completed before us, I described in a separate publication:

For a deep research of XR design, we launched the podcast “WOW Experience”

In the podcast we meet with prominent representatives of the XR industry and discuss with them design for AR and VR projects.

In this article I will make a short review of our podcast with Mikhail — CEO of Amplifier AI

Here’s the podcast episode:

About the guest

Mikhail is a serial entrepreneur. He successfully sold several IT startups and moved to Silicon Valley.

Three years ago Misha created a new startup in the field of Medtech: Amplifier AI

From Ukraine to Silicon Valley

Mikhail moved from Ukraine 18 years ago, successfully selling IT startups.

For 10 years, Mikhail lived in Israel, where he was able to combine his deep knowledge in the technical field with medicine.

In the podcast Mikhail talks about how his friends of doctors in Israel are discussing the possibilities of using technologies in medicine.

The environment shapes thinking.

And through the environment of doctors and skills at successful IT startups, a successful application of Artificial Intelligence has been found in Medicine.

About the start of a startup Amplifier AI

For 15 years, Mikhail dreamed of applying technology in medicine. Amplifier AI has gone through a series of pivots to find solutions that are useful for doctors and relevant to the market.

So solutions were found for using artificial intelligence in MRI scans. An MRI scan is a three-dimensional image of the human body. With the help of AI, pathologies are detected in the images.

Amplifier AI found its niche and began to test the algorithms in the real practice of doctors.

Combining VR and AI

Mother of CTO startup Amplifier AI has cancer. The pathology was visible on the MRT picture, but the doctors could not find a solution to how to conduct it safely.

An unusual step was needed. An idea appeared, and if you look at these pictures not flat on the screen, but in reality.

In reality, the doctor was able to look at the pictures differently. These were no longer flat pictures on the monitor, but a three-dimensional image.

A new plan of operation was drawn up. Operation was successfully completed.

At that moment, Mikhail realized that he needed to stop and focus.

Thanks to VR and Artificial Intelligence, a solution was found that was not available before.

We decided to apply the same approach of working with MRT images not to one, but to all cases.

The importance of understanding developer and design and doctors.

The doctors who work with MRI scans are surgeons and radiologists. The radiologist analyzes the images and makes recommendations for the operation. Surgeon — operating.

Communication between Surgeon and Radiologist is like ping pong. They communicate and transfer pictures and comments to each other.

When the operation is simple, the surgeon can perform the operation without detailed comments.

The amplifier works in a situation where the situation is difficult and can take many hours.

The faster and more efficient the work of the Surgeon and the Radiologist in conjunction, the more effective the patient care. The amplifier helps in the work between the surgeon and the radiologist.

Here’s what the doctors themselves say about Amplifaer AI:


You can listen to more details in the podcast.

We share new design works on the company’s twitter:



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