“… and Every Person in your Life is a Mentor”

One of my questions was recently answered and I never thought I’d get such an honest reponse.

What may have looked like an innocent chat turned out to be an eye-opening conversation about the importance of life experiences, the roots of hapiness and the reasons for gratefulness

A lot of us have felt them: Those feelings of anger, greed, regret for not having the things you want. Then comes the feelings of remorse and guilt when you start thinking about all the things that could have happened and the things that could have been different. And finally, your imagination makes you believe that all the possible alternatives are the key to your success and hapiness.

As I was being reminded of the luck I had and all the amazing things I had today, I was also reminded of how much I owed.

“With great power comes great responsibilities” — Voltaire

The past is only there as a reminder of everything I can be grateful for. I have collected moments of child-like joy, built an experience through spontaneous travels and grabbed every opportunity that came my way.

How much more could I want? Here’s the thing. I don’t.

Surrounding me is emptiness, distress, depletion and privation — all wearing a mask of bliss and satisfaction. 
With every smile comes the worry of someone elses frown. I know the life I have is still full of experiences to live and amazing people to meet and it’s also for that reason — what there is to come — that I am on a continuous hunt to sharing.

Life isn’t fair. Honest hearts are hardly every rewarded, cheaters are looked up to and everyone’s eyes stay closed. If you can make a difference but you choose not to, how are you any better? You’re not.

You should stop focusing on what you don’t have or on what could be better and start focusing on what you already have and what is there to come to you.”

I do fit in. I’ve blended in multiple cultures, learned their language, shared their traditions but at the end of the day, it’s nothing but a game — a game of power and status where no one wins. My past has shown me all the big things to accomplish and all the little things to share. So I couldn’t agree more:

“Every lesson is a blessing and every person in your life is a mentor”