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Build Resilience with Email Monetization — Newsletter Publishers’ Ace in the Hole

2020 had an important lesson for publishers: relying on multiple income streams can be a lifesaver. With email monetization, you gain an additional source of revenue from your newsletters.

And, because you’re using a digital asset you already have, getting started is simple.

If you’re a publisher looking for new ways to increase profits, read on to discover why your newsletter campaigns aren’t just a great way to engage your audience — with programmatic native ads, they are your underused ace in the hole.

Why Publishers Should Have an Ace in the Hole

During the pandemic, every industry felt the disruption. Some businesses failed. Others navigated the ups and downs and twists and turns with innovation or sheer willpower.

Consumer magazines saw revenues drop by 14 percent.

Marketing and advertising budgets went down across the board.

And publishers launched new products in response to the emergence of new media habits and shifting information needs, with 55 percent launching email newsletters for the first time.

Now that we’ve all been through a disruptive year due to the COVID crisis, everyone’s looking for ways to become more ready for anything.

Adding a new revenue stream to your business is one way to do this. You’ll have more income coming in without increasing business costs.

But more importantly, your business will be more resilient. Because different income streams will be impacted in different ways during any crisis, you’re more likely to have enough income coming in, even if one revenue stream decreases.

How to Drive Profitable Growth with Native Ads

So, how can you make more money for your business with email monetization through native ads?

publishers enjoying the money they make by monetizing their emails with programmatic native ads

It’s surprisingly easy. Native ads fit seamlessly into your email newsletters. Your readers click on the ad content that interests them and you gain a new revenue stream. Here’s how it works.

  • Today’s technology makes it easy for publishers to drive revenue, without interrupting the user experience for your newsletter subscribers. With programmatic native ads driven by AI, the platform chooses the best ads for each subscriber. As a result, the right ads are shown to the right people.
  • The ads are displayed natively, which means they look and feel as if they are a natural part of the email newsletter content. Instead of popping out at them or disturbing their experience, readers simply see additional information, curated specifically for them.
  • This enables readers to continue enjoying your newsletter while also learning about new products, services, and ideas they are likely to be interested in.
  • As the ads are always relevant to the reader, you may also notice a higher click-through rate than you’ve experienced with other types of ads. Then, when someone clicks on one of the ads, you earn revenue. It’s that simple.

Why Email Monetization Through Programmatic Advertising Is So Effective

Email monetization combines advertising with marketing. By blending the two, it offers a fresh approach to engagement that benefits publishers, advertisers, and customers in a new way.

John Becker at iMPACT describes the intersection between the two fields. Advertising, he says, is simply when a brand pays to put its message in front of a target audience. Marketing involves ads, but it also implies the need to dig deep, discover what the audience needs so ads and marketing content are relevant, and monitor the effectiveness of all your efforts.

With native ads, the two seamlessly interact with the help of machine learning technology. AI assesses who should see what and when — thus personalizing the experience for your audience.

It also keeps collecting and learning from new data so it can get closer and closer to delivering exactly what the customer wants. And, it monitors the results and generates analytical data. Publishers and advertisers can use this data to understand the efficacy of their efforts.

Why You Should Look Outside of the Box to Increase Revenue

To create a new stream of revenue, step outside the box of traditional ad sales.

With programmatic native ads, you can increase engagement by offering subscribers useful, dedicated content.

Your readers expect you to speak to their needs and focus on their problems. Monetizing with programmatic native ads lets you do this effortlessly because subscribers see articles related to their preferences.

Native ads follow IAB dynamic ad content formatting. This ensures they’re aligned perfectly with the rest of the content. For the reader, it feels like the ads belong there.

Email newsletter monetization with programmatic native ads is thus the ultimate ace in the hole for publishers. The technology delivers the right content at the right time, bringing you closer to your main goal: earning revenue, and at the same time, delivering engaging content your readers are responsive to.

What You Need to Get Started

With inboxAds, you don’t need to hire new staff or make a financial investment in your business to begin monetizing your email newsletters. Getting started is as simple as signing up for the platform and letting AI do the work for you. You don’t even need to make a commitment — because using our platform, you can stop at any time.

Once native ads are running on your newsletter, you can track the results. Analytics are built-in and included for users. This gives you a clear view of what’s going on — how many people are clicking ads and what you are earning.

And with us, you can have total confidence you’re getting the best experience possible for you and your subscribers. inboxAds is the first email monetization platform to use truly programmatic native ads that blend perfectly with existing content. We’re also the first to create an effective solution for publishers looking for new ways to diversify their income.

Publishers have faced a lot of new challenges this past year. It’s been tough for many. But, all of the disruptions also force us to look for new opportunities and to develop a stronger business foundation.



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