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How Publishers Can Get More Revenue with Email Monetization

If you want to make money from your newsletter or email list, you need to look at all the ways you can earn multiple streams of income each time you publish.

Email monetization does just that, going beyond simply promoting what you already have to offer.

Having an email subscriber list, as Blinklist points out, is “a great way to connect with your readers on a more personal level.”

In newsletters and other email communication, you can expand on the thoughts you put forth on your blog posts, podcasts, or videos.

So long as your emails solve problems for your subscribers, you’ll build their trust in you and authority in your field.

Brand authority can make a huge difference in whether someone decides to read your emails or not.

Monetize Your Newsletter from the Start with Native Ads

Building authority and trust by helpful information is the long-term payoff for email marketing.

However, there’s another way to monetize newsletters and bring in extra income even as you grow your list and reputation.

When you place relevant advertising within the body of your newsletter, you don’t have to wait for the money to flow in. You can start monetizing your newsletters right away.

That’s a big plus for smaller publishers or startups, who need some revenue coming in to pay for the expenses of starting a newsletter.

For larger publishers, email monetization is an excellent strategy for maximizing content marketing budget.

On the other hand, with well-chosen native ads, you won’t disrupt the flow of your newsletter.

Programmatic native ads look like related articles that appear at the top, bottom, or within the body of your newsletter.

Your subscribers will likely click on these ads because they provide helpful information about topics that they are already interested in.

With today’s AI capabilities, an email monetization platform like inboxAds selects ads that appeal to each newsletter’s recipients.

And — best of all, these ads aren’t for your competitors.

However, to be successful at email monetization from the get-go, though, you need to follow a couple of critical guidelines:

#1. The ‘Less is More’ rule

No one wants to read a newsletter that looks like a jungle of billboards.

Ads, particularly dynamic native ads, function better when you place them sparingly within the text.

#2. Make sure ads are relevant to your business — and your recipients

Nothing turns off readers like ads that don’t make sense within the context of a newsletter.

Chances for them to open your emails are pretty high, but without being relevant they will not necessarily click on the links within.

Add to Your Newsletter Income with Long-Term Monetization Strategies

In addition to placing ads within the body of your newsletter, you can add to the long-term revenue your communication generates with several additional monetization methods.

They can include:

Affiliate links

Many companies pay newsletter publishers for mentioning their products or services within the text of newsletter articles.

Like native ads, it pays to only include affiliate links that are relevant.

Affiliate programs allow you to embed a code within your link to the product.

When a reader clicks on that link and purchases the item, you receive a commission.


More and more newsletter publishers, especially those that regularly provide free-to-use tools or digital assets, such as infographics, specialized recipes, templates, or other useful tools, provide readers with a button that readers can click to donate toward publishing expenses.

Charities and other non-profits, too, can make excellent use of donation buttons.

Selling related products and services

Suppose your main service is an online fitness class.

With your newsletter spreading the word, you can offer a live class by one of your instructors for an extra fee.

Crafters, for instance, might appreciate a workshop in which they can learn from a master crafter how to perfect their work.

E-books, too, that relate to your industry and help your customers solve tough problems, can provide extra income from your newsletter.

Retargeting customers that abandon their carts

If you have an e-commerce site, customers often browse through your catalog, get distracted, and then leave unbought items in their cart.

Retargeting technology allows you to automatically insert reminders (often with a discount to spur sales) to regain their business.

Build Your Subscriber List to Multiply Your Income

With multiple streams of income coming in from every newsletter you send out, you can accelerate that wealth by expanding your subscriber list.

Here are a few ideas that can take your email monetization strategy to the next level:

Use “Subscribe” buttons on your website

When you publish a blog post, consider using a “Subscribe” button at the end of selected posts, say the email list-building experts at Campaign Monitor.

These posts should be introductory ones whose subject matter you explain more fully in newsletter articles.

Additionally, include an invitation to subscribe on social media posts, on your contact pages, and on landing pages that deal with a topic that you cover extensively in your newsletter.

Promote your newsletter on social media, podcasts, videos, and other public-facing material

Whether it’s a sign-up invitation on your business cards or print brochures, a button on your videos, or an invitation on your podcast, make sure to mention an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter.

Doing so avoids overt promotion of your products but gives potential customers a chance to find out more about how you can help them.

Segment your email list by preferences

Your subscribers are as unique as your products.

Segment them by their needs, demographics, and other differentiators to make every newsletter you send them relevant to their particular interests.

Encourage current subscribers to refer their friends and colleagues

Referrals are always a good way to build up good vibes about your newsletters.

Make sure to qualify referrals by asking your subscribers to “recommend friends and colleagues interested in X,” where X is something you sell or talk about in your newsletter.

Offer a reward, such as a one-time discount, a white paper, or an e-book for those whose referrals result in subscriptions.

To make the most of your emails, you can partner with us to monetize your newsletters for absolutely no investment on your part.

Free for newsletter publishers to use, this email monetization platform is truly plug-and-play.

If you use WordPress, you can download the inboxAds WordPress plugin.

There’s no coding, no fees, and asks for only a little time.

Just write your content (super quality), press a few buttons, and the revenue can start flowing in.



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