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How to monetize your email newsletters with inboxAds [Infographic]

The digital advertising space is going through a shift as technology advances, consumer preferences change, and time online increases. As a publisher, what can you do to stay on-trend and deliver what your audience wants, all while generating ad revenue?

inboxAds is an innovative solution that enables publishers to easily monetize their email newsletters.

Driven by artificial intelligence and designed to delight your readers with ads to articles that are interesting to them, you can continue to deliver content your subscribers appreciate by adding value to their experience in your newsletter — and earn revenue.

Let’s dive deeper into why the online ad space is changing and how you can maximize revenue from your newsletters using programmatic native ads.

The rise of native advertising

Consumers are done with digital ad saturation. People are turned off by in-your-face online advertising so much that they are paying to avoid them. From 2014 to 2021, ad blocking user penetration rose from 15.7% to 27%.

The other obstacle to digital ads is the end of third-party cookies. As Google, Firefox, and Apple have all recently made moves to end or reduce third-party tracking, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to learn about their customers’ digital experiences and deliver targeted ads.

However, this doesn’t mean the concept of monetizing online content is waning. Quite the contrary. Projections for global online advertising show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% from 2021 to 2026.

What is happening is, the world of online ads is evolving. Fast.

Publishers and advertisers, with the help of more sophisticated technology, are engaging with audiences in different ways. Native ads — because they offer an unobtrusive, even helpful experience for consumers, will play a huge role in the future of advertising.

Native ads:

  • Are more effective because they blend in — Traditional display ads don’t, and as such, are mostly ineffective.
  • Work well with mobile — Mobile web browsing surpassed desktop usage for the first time in 2016 and since then has widened the gap by nearly 40%.
  • Are a perfect fit for email newsletters — Native advertising empowers publishers to take control of the customer relationship. Instead of being dependent on major tech companies such as Facebook and Google, you can focus on building relationships through media you own your newsletters.

inboxAds has made launching native ads and email monetization simple for publishers. With the use of AI, the software delivers the best ads, thereby enhancing the experience for your readers.

Even if you already monetize your emails with other monetization platforms, you will still benefit from diversifying ads inventory and revenue streams as an email publisher.

Every email monetization provider has access to a unique network of advertisers. They also come with different features and benefits. Diversifying allows you to test different platforms and discover how to optimize your emails for both revenue and customer experience.

Here are the best 11 reasons why you should monetize your email newsletters with inboxAds:

Email monetization with dynamic native ads using inboxAds

Native ads don’t disrupt

Your readers will see headlines leading them to articles that are likely to be relevant, informational, and helpful to your readers. They’re ads that don’t feel like ads.

AI ensures readers get native ads they’ll actually like

inboxAds uses AI and machine learning to deliver the right ads to the right subscribers. Everything is laser targeted to their needs and wants.

Intelligent distribution

Our built-in algorithms ensure everyone benefits. AI determines distribution, optimizing your revenue, increasing value for advertisers, and enhancing the user experience.

Excellent earning potential

How much you earn depends on your audience volume, open rates, and your readers’ clickthrough rates on ads. Discover how much you can earn with our revenue calculator.

Get started in minutes

Registering with the platform is simple. Fill in your name, email, company name, and voila, you’re ready to monetize.

Adding custom ads requires zero effort

The platform does all the work for you, choosing carefully curated ads from our premium inventory networks. When a subscriber clicks on an ad, you earn money. It’s that easy.

No costs, no contracts

With inboxAds, you don’t have to commit to anything. Simply sign up for the platform and continue engaging your subscribers with high-quality newsletters. It’s free and you can stop at any time.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

You don’t have to worry about compliance issues. inboxAds fully adheres with European and US data privacy requirements.

Benefit from real-time analytics

Technology doesn’t just make things simpler. It also drives smarter business decisions. With inboxAds, you’ll have access to real-time analytics so you can see how your campaigns perform.

Keep the user experience truly native

These ads are fully native. They assimilate to the newsletter’s design and follow IAB standard sizes, so there’s no jarring experience for your readers.

Best revenue potential

Monetizing emails with native programmatic advertising offers 35% more revenue than traditional email monetization.

You’ve worked hard building your subscriber list and developing high-quality email newsletter content. Start monetizing your content now with a platform that prioritizes user experience. Sign up today or get in touch with us for even more details!



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