One of the questions we’ve been poking at in our conversations about The Arsonists is this: Where’s the line, for each of us, between quiet complicity and intervention? What pushes us out of our comfort zone and into action? What does it take, in an everyday setting, to make us “an activist?”

Laurenellen wrote about this question last week in their post about our first community read, and it was central to a workshop many Woollyfolk participated in earlier this year.

So when this episode of What Would You Do? crossed our Twitter feeds, we figured it would be a good thing to share. Give it a look:

‘What Would You Do?,’ via YouTube

The incidents above are staged, of course, with actors playing both the customer and the shopclerk. But What Would You Do? is a hit show because of a sad reality: We’ve all seen something like this, whether it’s low-grade street harassment or something much more serious. What ABC’s show and The Arsonists both ask is: What does it take for us to step in and make a difference?How often do we let it slide for the sake of not taking sides, not making assumptions, not making a fuss?

What’s your calculus for deciding when to intervene?

— Trey Graham


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