More Partners!

Just a quick update to let you know that we’ve had 2 more businesses join Incent’s partner program over the last week! As we’ve already said, at this early stage its all about demonstrating to ourselves and you what the breadth of this market opportunity might be so, again, we’ve gone for diversity.

With this in mind, the first new business we’d like you to welcome is Practice Manager 24/7, a Sydney based tech company that — as their name suggests — make one stop shop software for the Allied Health market. They have a growing number of clients in New South Wales and are in the process of expanding their offering into the Fitness space. Rick Speciale, one of the co-founders loves the idea of simplifying their current voucher system with one based on Incent and adding Incent rewards to the embedded eCommerce component of their platform. This will present their client practices with the means of building their businesses through a no risk, low drag, pay-as-you-go loyalty-reward program; exactly what we had in mind when Incent was conceived.

Our second new partnership was something as a surprise and came about when our friends at Core Radio challenged me to face down and pitch Incent to a ‘real-world’ businessman. What followed was a recorded conversation that — I must admit — made me sing for my supper but the outcome could not have been better; Cofint, a commercial furniture re-seller based in Australia’s Northern Territory also want to join Incent’s partner program!

The interview itself is well worth a listen as we cover and knock over all the misconceptions about loyalty — and its commercial utility- that Incent seeks to exploit and disrupt.

Tell us what you think and while we need to tread a careful line between building commercial interest and over-committing ourselves pre-production if any of you know businesses that you feel would be a good fit and offer variety to our growing stable of commercial partners, do let us know.