Reasons to be happy — a look at the data….

The Incent ICO has been a great experience thus far. We were confident going into the process, but also with no experience of running an ICO, nor any clear expectations for what lay ahead. Rob and I have discussed on many occasions how we see openness as a core value of Incent, and that extends to our relationship with our investors, and with the broader crypto communities who may be interested in our work.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the data we’ve been keeping a close eye on — it’s my view that we’re building great momentum, and this can only help both our ICO, and our entry to the market following.

First up — visitors. Probably the most significant cause for cautious celebration. We’re on a positive trajectory, continuing up to right now. These numbers are really positive.

Next up the geographic spread. No huge surprise here, with the possible exception that we seem to convert more visitors into investors from Europe than the USA — as Australian Englishmen, perhaps there’s some cultural bias on our part in the messaging?

We’re also disappointed not to have thus far been able to engage with Chinese or Asian audiences with measurable success — but we’re working on it!

Lastly on the server side of things, an indication of the total bandwidth we’re looking at — 77 gigs is a medium to high traffic site, so we’re pleased to have achieved this level within 10days. Note that the graphic below also acts as an advertisement for CloudFlare, who offer a great range of tools to help keep your site fast and responsive :)

Finally, a quick look at the BTC per day we’ve been lucky enough to receive to date. The larger spikes represent the launch of the ICO, and the fruition of some deeper relationships with larger investors. I’m particularly pleased to see the trend recover after the initial launch, to be heading north again.

From here on, we will continue to push out our message across as many channels as humanely possible, as well as continue to be responsive and open with our growing community. As Rob has alluded to, we’re already past the point of being a viable project with a great shot at the market, but the bigger prize of additional funding, and possible early close to the ICO is still on the table, and will make an enormous difference.

Thanks for your support of Incent, and look for more posts of this nature, as well as a new ‘stats’ section of the Dashboard to be launched in the coming days……