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A Clash of Two Systems

The war in Ukraine is a confrontation between two systems, one modern, legalistic, decentralized and multicephalous; the other archaic, nationalistic, centralized and monocephalous

Ivan the terrible.

Offensive vs. Defensive Nationalism

Coordination for Mafia-don Like Protection

Adam Smith vs Napoleon

What is it that We Call the West?

Phoenicianism: multicultural thalassocratic, and non-colonial

States vs Individuals


An Error Correction Mechanism

Alas, the EU is Centralized a bit too much…

How can Russia enter the modern world?

Orthodoxy and Minor Patriarchs

Multicephaly did not help in 2014

Napoleon vs the English Shopkeeper

I am not Against Modernity; I am for its Improvement

Pseudo-Libertarianism Inviting Tyranny

How I Found Out About Disinformation

The Long Peace

Ending the Ukrainian War



Chapters in Progress from The Incerto Collection (The Black Swan, Antifragile, etc.)

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