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Religion, Violence, Tolerance & Progress: Nothing to do with Theology

1) Religions map to highly differentiated belief clusters and mentalities that have little to do with their theologies, 2) Heresies are separatist movements, often ethnic, and have little to do with religious doctrine.

Cathars taken for slaughter
  1. Religion either creates a distinct polarized group and people start imitating one another within that group, or
  2. Groups find some tiny theological wrinkles (almost always of no real substance) to separate from others (say, Northern Europe from Southern Europe via the reformation, or the Egyptian Copts from the Greek-speaking Byzantines via monophysism), while historical analysts get it backwards, attributing the differentiation of the groups to theological wrinkles.
Saint Bartholomew’s day’s massacre — Francois Dubois
Max Weber who promoted the idea of the West driven by the “Protestant work ethics”.
Amin Maalouf




Chapters in Progress from The Incerto Collection (The Black Swan, Antifragile, etc.)

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