Startups who invent are cooler

You could also replace “better” with cooler, innovate, inspiring, cutting-edge, redefining, and of course, disrupting. You might mostly be saying these words to deaf ears or, sadly, only to yourself. But there’s also no end to the amount of joy you get from saying “How cool we are coz we invented!”… repeatedly.. until it becomes mantra. Here’s why startups who invent are better:

More than a passing eye

You do get more attention, even when they don’t understand it. Disclaimer: Inclr is a very visual product which contributes to even more attention. If your invention is not visual, it still might be something that they’ve never heard of, and still might garner more than just a passing eye.

Inspired Founders

Your invention will inspire, and you will inspire. It just will. Anyone doing something different for this long is bound to inspire. The keener part of the populace likes to know you play with fire. They might even become your co-founders like they did with mine. Concepts transpire… then dissipate.. but they always do the former first.

Blind Confidence

Wake up wondering what the F is your startup doing? Inventions help. Coz you got the patent. Be that imprisonment or a ticket to heaven, you can’t get out that easily. And anything you can’t get out easily can also mean you found your calling. Blindness is incurable. So is the confidence you gain from inventing.

Untapped Everything

Untapped market is assumed from inventions. But it also comes with untapped everything. To the point that you tell yourself your startup is different because it’s not been done before. Now this actually is a pretty bad approach. The invention might be new but it still needs to follow the rules. That said, being given the license say “I’m like this because I’m different” can be extremely powerful. Say it enough times and it can become true, like all of history.

Leave the pivot alone

Pivoting at best is stressful. At worse its wrong. It could turn out great. But it could also lead to a burning hell scenario. It doesn’t help any founder to be always thinking you have the option to pivot. Having an invention makes the case clearer. You can still pivot how its used, just not the core product. People succeed from perseverance and that’s really what an invention is — a mark against adversity.

Talks, not sales pitches

You finally have an excuse to do talks. Explaining inventions can take a lifetime, that’s how powerful they are. They are a compressed material manifestation of a massive amount of data built up over time by you, the inventor! To the right audience, thats pure education.

Ready to invent now? It’s hard, hard and harder. But is worth it, in a raw kind of way.

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