Cape Town re-introduces itself to London startups & digital entrepreneurs.

Over beer and pizza, representatives & startups from Cape Town introduced the growing digital opportunities their region presents.

Last night we supported another interesting event in London, that re-introduced Cape Town as a viable, supportive and well connected destination for both scaling startups and digital entrepreneurs (a.k.a digital nomads, freelancers or location independent workers).

The event started almost exactly like any event in Old Street, with beers and pizza. Lots, and lots, of pizza. Oh and delicious South African cider.

But there was a noticeably different level of excitement in the air at Launch22 from the very start.

And that’s because the organisers, who limited entry to 50 attendees after an application process, were giving away 10 7-day all-expense-paid trips to Cape Town.

After a little bit of networking, things got even more interesting when Tim Harris (CEO at Wesgro) was introduced with the following video making a case for Cape Town as a destination.

Tim went on to explain how Cape Town is the world’s contact point between the technology of today (serving the 1 billion connected to the internet) and the technology of tomorrow (serving the next 6 billion to come online).

And that’s on-top of the fact that it’s frigging beautiful.

Another quick video was shared with us, showing what actual startups thought about being in Cape Town.

via Wesgro on YouTube.

Tim was quickly followed by Alan Winde, the Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities.

It was highlighted that Cape Town was positioning itself as a city that not only welcomes digital disruptors, but enables them through support and innovative relief programmes.

Mr Winde also announced that Cape Town would be hosting an upcoming conference on the sharing economy, and it was planned to become the world’s largest for discussions around empowerment through disruption.

He invited all attendees to join those who’d win the free trips to join them in Cape Town for the conference, and experience the city’s hospitality and connectivity for themselves.

The winners of the 10 trips will be hand-picked and notified shortly.

Wondering why we supported this event? That’s easy!

At we believe that coworking communities will unlock unprecedented opportunities and empowerment for local ecosystems.

And as we’re the secret weapon for both the members & operators of coworking spaces around the world, we dived at the opportunity.

We also 💙 the fact that some of the awesome businesses we support could possibly win the chance to experience coworking and coliving in Cape Town.

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