Meet the panelists from across Europe who’ll be discussing coworking at UPRISE

The 5 of us be chatting about all the pros and cons of coworking, especially with regards to long-term company culture.

When I chatted with the team at UPRISE about being a stage captain on behalf of, we all agreed that a panel would create the most value for attendees with respect to discussing coworking.

But, in order for a panel to be useful, or even interesting, it has to be made up of great people with experiences and opinions worth sharing.

And wow, did we find a great batch of experienced and inspiring people!

In no particular order, here’s who they are and why they’re perfect to contribute to the conversation about whether coworking spaces enable or hinder the company culture for member businesses:

Maz Nadjm (Mazi) is a Forbes Top 50 Global Social Media Influencer, and the founder of London-based social selling platform SoAmpli. His honest experiences and opinions as to the benefits and limitations of coworking from a founder’s perspective should be insightful to anyone thinking or involved with coworking spaces.

Erik Micheelsen is the founding partner at Copenhagen-based Innovation Embassy, who focus on enabling collaboration with regards to innovation. His opinions will be drawn in from his experiences of working in the ultra-collaborative world of astrophysics; to joining a startup; to being a member of several coworking communities; and now building out a business to enable knowledge-sharing.

Jorge Vega Matos (Jorge Vega Matos) is head of Marketing & Communication of Berlin-based Coliga, a platform that helps communities like coworking spaces create their own job-sharing marketplace. In previous roles he’s helped corporates engage with, or create, coworking communities; and consulted workspace operators on community positioning. His role now keeps him in constant touch with members and operators of coworking spaces.

Henk Beijert (Henk Beijert) is the founder (and keen startup mentor) at the tech-startup enabling coworking community LaunchLab in Zwolle, which is just an hour train ride to the East of Amsterdam. He’ll be sharing his insights and observations from starting his own space to accommodate his own startup how that grew to support other local startups.

So there you have it. I’ll be joined by 4 inspiring individuals with fascinating experiences and opinions; from 4 different ecosystems across Europe!

This should be an interesting chat. 🤓

If you saw the previous tweets about this panel, you’d know that we were also originally going to be joined by the uber-awesome Culture Scout from office-less Buffer. But unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances, that couldn’t happen this time round, but I look forward to welcoming her and Buffer onto future panels.