Will Powers Is Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith — Self Portrait
Lynn Goldsmith (born February 11, 1948) is an American recording artist, a film director and a celebrity portrait photographer and inventor. In 1973 she invented what is now known as the ‘selfie-stick’ and perfected it into a piece of equipment that could be carried around by anyone in 2004.


[Her] … imagery is in numerous collections: The Smithsonian, The Polaroid Collection, The Kodak Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the permanent collection of Museum Folkwang

Through Lynn’s website

Whatmore Lynn is also the producer known as Will Powers (pun definitely intended). She recently reissued, or rather uploaded a video of her most known song: Adventures in Success to Youtube. And seem to be doing some blogging on http://will-powers.blogspot.com.

More on Discogs, and American Photo Mag

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