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Hollywood: Netflix Tells the History of Movies That Never Was

To say Hollywood has had a troubled past is the understatement of the century. In Ryan Murphy’s (American Horror Story) new Netflix series, Hollywood, that past is confronted and even rewritten.

As lovers of film, there is a great deal of respect we have for the talented minds that bring us such dynamic and life-changing movies. However, we as film fans cannot be ignorant to the history and reality of Hollywood. It has been a breeding ground for inequality for over a century. Hollywood was literally founded on white nationalism. The movie that defined the feature film — what created the template for the entire industry — was D.W. Griffith’s (1915). In addition to it being the foundation of Hollywood, it also singlehandedly revitalized the Klu Klux Klan upon its release.

Now in modern times, the #MeToo movement has exposed decades of exploitation and villainy for the world to see. The patriarchal power structure of Hollywood created an environment of toxicity, encouraged by silence as people didn’t want to rock the boat. This was simply “just the way things are.” Racial prejudice, sexual abuse, LGBTQ+ suppression, and gender inequality have festered in this industry since its inception.

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Nathanael Molnár

I’ve been writing about movies since 2014. I studied film at Fitchburg State University, and I’ve written and directed some short films. @nathanaelmolnar