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“Moonlight” is One of the Most Beautiful Black Pride Movies Out There

Every cinephile will remember where they were when (2016) won Best Picture. I was watching that year’s Oscars ceremony at a screening hosted by my college. Once midnight hit, with only a couple of awards left, they had to kick everyone out of the building. I raced back to my dorm and turned on the TV in the common room. “And the Academy Award for Best Picture goes to… !” Satisfied, I walked away from the TV, heading to my room.

“Wait! There’s been a mistake!” I rushed back to the TV, and watched cinema history unfold before my very eyes. had won Best Picture; to think I would have missed this historic moment had I kept walking back to my room. is a film that will certainly be remembered for how it won Best Picture, but the movie itself is excellent. As Pride Month closes out, I wanted to take a look at this film, celebrating LGBTQ+ and Black pride.

Written and directed by Barry Jenkins, tells the story of Chiron at three different stages in his life: as a kid (Alex R. Hibbert), as a teenager (Ashton Sanders), and as an adult (Trevante Rhodes). The film explores his relationships, his sexuality, and the people who helped shape him into the person he ultimately becomes.

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I’ve been writing about movies since 2014. I studied film at Fitchburg State University, and I’ve written and directed some short films. @nathanaelmolnar