A bunch of squares in a coffee shop rewrite the rules of the internet

Adina Luo
Adina Luo
Jul 25, 2017 · 2 min read

written and illustrated by Adina Luo & Nilesh Kavthekar

Incognito: Chapter 3

To be continued

Digging these absurdist shenanigans? Help fund our first print run!

  • Option 1: $15 for print + HD digital copies
  • Option 2: $15 for print copy only
  • Option 3: $10 for HD digital copy only

Venmo @nilesh with a (private) donation and subject line: “option # +youremail” to pre-order a full color magazine for yourself. Feel free to go nuts with emojis. Shipping not included.

ex. subject line: option 1 +sam@greeneggsandham.com

… or donate with bitcoin!

Contact us at incognitocomic (at) gmail (dot) com


Adina Luo

Written by

Adina Luo




The internet goes poof. This is a webcomic about the coffee shop, perpetrators, and series of absurd events involved.

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