Income Technology

The Income Technology Association is a non-profit, industry-funded trade association.

We support and promote the development of ethical and sustainable income generating technologies while enhancing investor and consumer safety through independent technical research, evaluation, monitoring, testing, fraud prevention and education.

Our mission is to promote, accelerate and advance the development of income generating technologies such as blockchain-based decentralized applications for investors and consumers.

Please join us and help support the mission by becoming a business or individual member.

We welcome all donations made in BTC in support of our cause to: 1Gi4uJ7WMcC3hDg7MDFYQGJugv7RidRmb8

We welcome Bitcoin donations in support of our cause.

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You can reach us at:


Our association was formed in July, 2017 by the following co-founders:

Adam Sculthorpe, Chairman and Co-Founder
Jack Bensimon, Executive Director and Co-Founder
Raj Ravindran, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Our founders are investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain technologies and have extensive experience, networks, qualifications and backgrounds spanning Cybersecurity, Finance, Governance, Risk and Compliance.

If your technology business helps investors or consumers generate income we would love to hear from you and help promote it.