Introducing Incomee

The income tracker app for freelancers✨

Oct 23, 2018 · 2 min read

The freelancer’s life is very busy: multiple projects, video calls with clients, proposals, delay payments, reviews, learning, personal finance, family,… and sometimes the time is really short to do all that.

The first problem that makes someone to fail in the project of becoming a freelancer is a bad financial planning.

How much money I’m making this month? When is a payment due? Is my income increasing or decreasing? Which payment is due today? Which one is overdue? These questions come to mind, and not having a clear answer push us to make wrong decisions and have no peace of mind about our income.

Why Incomee

During the last years, Francisco and I have looked for a way to solve this. After researching, studying and talking with the freelancers’ community, we found the main root of the problem: it’s not easy as should be keeping track of all the earnings and remember when a payment is due or overdue, and this prevents us from planning and making wise decisions.

Most freelancers are still using spreadsheets, so we decided to create a solution for this that we iterated until we turned it into Incomee, the income tracker app for freelancers :)

How Incomee works

Just add all the projects you are working on, Incomee will remember you when a payment is due and show your financial situation.

One of the main features of Incomee is the Overdue Reminder: Incomee knows when a payment is overdue and send you a notification to remember you. You can simply send an email reminder to your client with just one tap.

The other one is Statistics: With Incomee you always know your current situation and how you perform during all year.

We want to create the simplest and easiest tool for freelancers, with a specific attention to keep all your data private. We’ll be talking further about this as the final release approaches.

Launching soon!

Incomee’s beta is ready, and we’re opening testing in a few weeks. If you’re interested signup on our landing page or follow us on Twitter (@incomeeapp). You’ll hear from us soon :)

Thanks for reading!


Super simple invoicing app for creatives ✨

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