When? January 2010. What? website and donation platform to plant trees in Tanzania/Kenya. Who? UNEP’s Plant for Planet initiative

I’ve Got Trees

Release January 2010

A happy take on a serious matter. I’ve Got Trees made it possible for people to buy and share trees, or rather images of trees that represented an actual tree being planted. More than 10.000 users later we had helped plant and check-in some 30.000 trees for UNEP’s Plant for Planet initiative and changed the way many people thought about making a difference.

Take away: happy gets more likes than serious

Following is the full case, with original copy and screenshots of the actual site.

Bare in mind, this was 2010 and one of the first full scale projects we did. Figuring out how to talk about and market trees was pretty hard. There was not a whole lot of references to look at ☺

If you are stressed for time, look only at pretty pictures.

I’ve got what?

I’ve Got Trees is your one-stop-shop for getting trees to curb your own environmental impact in an easy and fun way. Collect and share trees with friends!

Why me?

First of all, a tree produces oxygen for you to breath. Thats good. Sou you’ve heard. Secondly it absorbs all the negative green house gases in the atmosphere. During a lifetime a tree absorbs on average 700kg of co2 from the atmosphere. It also creates moist that helps cool the earth.

Someone has to take care of you. Why not do it yourself?

2.333.871 Emails
1 tree absorbs during it’s lifetime what sending 2.333.871 emails emits in energy usage. You’re kind of set for life on that one.

Does it really matter?

Adding up all cars, planes, boats, trucks on the planet still dont quite add up to the problems associated with deforestation wich accounts for nearly 20% of the worlds carbon release.

Rainforests are natures most valuable asset (after you of course). Massive carbon storage, your medicine, your fruit, plants and animals. The Rainforests supply your favourite shops with resources and your favourite lungs with fresh air to breath.

By planting trees you are doing something with an long-term effect.

The Rainforests supply your favourite shops with resources and your favourite lungs with fresh air to breath.

Check out for purchasing trees. 90% of funds where then sent to different initiatives in Tanzania and Kenya supported by UNEP. 10% to keep the machines running.

I’ve Got Trees supported gifting trees, a neat feature that involved posting a surprise to Facebook connected to a personal webpage for the lucky one’.

Congratulations, you got 2 trees! You are now free to vacuum clean your house for 985 days and live like 7% of a Swede. Magnetic.

Tree Planted

Replanting the Rainforests with new trees let’s you invest in a greener future, for you, the planet and everyone on it. Tree produces oxygen. It’s appreciated. Trees absorb the green house gases being pumped into the atmosphere. They also recycle water, protect against erosion, reduce chances of flooding, and cool the air temperature of their surroundings. Everything you do in your life releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The energy needed to manufacture and power your gadgets, food and living has a negative impact. By getting a tree and preserving areas of the rainforest you can help make sure that your CO2 is kept safely stored.

Getting 1 tree plants 1 tree.

Your trees absorbs during its lifetime what 233 Cheeseburgers emit. Or what 7% of a Swedes year, London > New York, 5 years of mobile phone usage, 1 year with your laptop, 2.333.871 Emails, 17.948 hours of lightbulb usage, watch TV constantly for 23 years, blast your stereo for 299.000 hours, vacuum clean your house for 985 days, 6 months of keeping the milk cold, Cooling your room with AC for 2 years, 2 months, 1.123 Caffe Lattes, 5.129 Pepperoni Pizza’s, 100.000 Google searches emits. Now you know. * These numbers were accurate in 2009. Many processes are surely now more effective.

Your Trees

Doing good is always good, but doing good and also inspiring others is better. All trees are collected on your profile, inspiring others and works as your certificate, proving you’ve got trees! Keep it to yourself or Share it with friends, the boss or the kid next door.

Status: I’ve got trees!

Your adress? www.ivegottrees.com/yourname

Go get some trees

Join your City

We developed a group feature where anyone could start their city and recruit people to plant trees. Take game mechanics, awards and trees, mix and serve hot. Unfortunately this feature did not take off before the campaign ended.
Users got Happy Awards for sharing and getting trees.

Behind the trees

The project took a full year to complete. Site, Community, E-commerce, Donation coordination and countless little things. The learning curve was one of the steepest climbs we’ve ever made. It was worth every single step.
Screenshot of 1 of 3 illustrator files. Gah!

First version of the site. Trees were tagged with user’s profile image and gathered on the infinite homepage.

Big thanks to

UNEP (Plant for Planet Campaign), Tore Holmberg (Tech. Now at Your Majesty NYC), Hasse Eriksson (believer and investor), Jonathan MacDonald (believer)