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After taking a few days to unwind during the holidays, we got right back at it with the planning of a new roadmap for the new year and also made several successful technical developments. Some core items planned for Q1 2023 include:

New Logo

We hope 2023 will be a special year for everyone at Increment. A special year needs a special look.

In the month of January, we upgraded to a new logo which will help fulfill various design needs of the product suite at Increment. The Increment logo is now a new 2D icon with a slick gradient representing the colours of the legacy logo. This new logo icon continues to communicate the spirit of innovation with its subtle yet magical gradient colours. At the center of the X is a “+” symbol which implies the “Increment” name and meaning. This new logo design will guide the Increment protocol and community towards the zkSync 2.0 fair onboarding alpha launch.

Token Creation & Distribution Phase I

Towards the end of January the next phase of Increment Governance was released.

Back in October 2021, the Discovery Phase was proposed and implemented, where the main objective was to identify those who have been actively contributing in the Increment community. Since then, we’ve completed a series of stress testing events where numerous community members have joined in and used the protocol. During the first 15 days of its beta launch a few months ago, the Increment protocol reached a total volume of $24.7 million, 6806 unique users, and 67,807 transactions on zkSync 2.0 testnet.

In order to enshrine Increment as a public good that is built and maintained by the community, the core contributors and core community members have reached consensus on launching the INCR governance token in order to establish an ecosystem around the Increment protocol and further its path to decentralization. If the broader community votes in favour of this proposal, the INCR token will be created and a portion will be distributed retroactively to various community members of the Increment ecosystem.

Please find the full detailed proposal posted in our community forum: Token Creation & Distribution Phase I

Development Updates

Engineers are focused on completing one last private security audit before joining zkSync 2.0’s fair onboarding alpha. Another core task is to prepare for the launch of Increment governance.

📟 Operations

  • Released next phase of Increment governance
  • Twitter: 11.8k total followers

💻 Front-end

  • Designing and building a claiming interface

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Preparing for audit
  • Optimize documentation
  • Governance and token contracts

Increment is a decentralized, algorithmic perpetual swaps protocol building on zkSync 2.0, featuring automatically concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees and parametrizable pools.

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Originally published at on February 10, 2023.



Increment’s Blog

A decentralized, algorithmic perpetual swaps protocol on zkSync Era, featuring automatically concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees and parametrizable pools.