Committing to Incremental Improvements

Adopting the idea that success, achievements and making a positive change in our lives come from the culmination of the tiny little decisions/choices that we make, I will be committing my time to post an incremental change every day. Each such change will be absolutely simple, indisputably positive and incredibly mundane; it’s so stupid simple not to do.

I have been doing this for a while now but since it’s a new year and I’ve been meaning to write something sustainable, why not do this now? I’ve been doing a few false starts in writing here and there so by doing something I already do for the past 4 months, it should be quite easy to maintain.

For the first one of the year:

Improving the way I rest at night.

At night, I am opting to sleep early while turning all devices and lights off. Lie down in the dark if I have to and just not do anything.

It seems a little silly to declare this now but I tend to go overtime with software development, reading social media updates, reading a fiction story/novel, or playing hour-long competitive ranked games online. The stress and tiredness accumulates, I feel, so I’d rather be well-rested and be less lethargic the day after.

And that’s it. I’m not quite sure if anyone will actually read any of this but if there are good ideas for really simple improvements, please let me know. Thanks! Happy New Year!