Indacoin and CPCoin (CPC) to disrupt the crypto industry

Maria Potapneva
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3 min readDec 19, 2022


A global partnership has been disclosed between leading fiat-to-crypto conversion gateway Indacoin Ltd and CPCoin ($CPC), the native coin of the CPCx0 Chain of CryptoPerformance Group. The agreement allows millions of credit and debit cardholders to buy $CPC (CPCoin) in a matter of minutes in more than 180 countries.

The CPCoin ($CPC) runs on the CPCx0 Chain, a blockchain that is a frontrunner of blockchain innovation with fast times (1 block = 5000 transactions in under 15 seconds), transparency, security and low fees (0.005%-0.06%). CPCoin is an intricate part of the CryptoPerformance Group ecosystem, with multiple successful projects. The CPCoin supports all projects within the global ecosystem, while the projects generate continuous demand for the coin and its future. The CPCoin was launched without an ICO, and was available immediately via secondary distribution. With a limited total supply and strong active community supporting its development, the CPCoin has a strong back structure.

To enable mass adoption of $CPC, the CryptoPerformance Group team has decided to join forces with Indacoin, a pioneer in the fiat-to-crypto exchange industry with a track record of working with top-tier companies, including Changelly and OKX. That way, all Visa and MasterCard owners can feel confident in buying the native $CPC token easily in a secure space in a matter of minutes.

Anvar Sidorov, Partnerships Director at Indacoin, commented on the news:

“We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with CryptoPerformance, a major actor within the crypto space. They have already demonstrated huge potential in bringing crypto to mainstream audiences worldwide, so we are confident that this partnership will accelerate the mass adoption of $CPC.”

About CryptoPerformance Group

CryptoPerformance Group is a one-stop solution for all crypto-related needs setting it apart from competitors by offering multiple digital solutions and products to individuals and corporations. It has built and financed its own in-house developed blockchain the CPCx0 Chain, featuring sub-currencies and NFTs, its native coin CPC, which was launched without an ICO as well as a global fintech platform CryptoPerformance BANQ offering assets and other projects with blockchain based solutions.

CP BANQ Asset is the newest digital asset project that allows holders to benefit from the global fees generated by selected CP BANQ products. The project will use the global fees to reinvest into R&D and marketing as well as issue premiums to its holders.

CryptoPerformance has a growing global community, and is focused on building a strong future, through innovation, it’s evolving ecosystem, new product launches and marketing.

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Indacoin is a pioneer fiat-to-crypto gateway with Visa and Mastercard processing globally. The company has been operating since 2014 and its primary focus lies in developing anti-fraud software, which has enabled millions of users worldwide to quickly and safely buy cryptocurrencies. Indacoin is one of the most prominent players in the crypto community that provides risk-free transactions for more than 100 partners.