Open Source at Indeed: Sponsoring the Python Software Foundation

Duane O'Brien
May 9, 2018 · 1 min read

At Indeed, we’re committed to taking a more active role in the open source community. Earlier this year, we joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This week, we are pleased to announce that Indeed is sponsoring the Python Software Foundation.

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We write lots of Python code at Indeed — it’s one of our major languages — so we benefit from a thriving Python ecosystem. Indeed is excited to join other industry leaders who support the Python Foundation. We believe Indeed has a lot to bring to the Python community, including participation, promotion, and sponsorships. Supporting the Python Software Foundation is a great place for us to start. We recognize that great open source software relies on engagement at all levels, and we are looking forward to becoming a steadfast supporter of the Python community.

As we continue to take a more active role in the open source community, Indeed will seek out additional partnerships, sponsorships, and memberships.

For updates on Indeed’s open source projects, visit our open source site. If you’re interested in open source roles at Indeed, visit our hiring page.

Originally posted on the Indeed Engineering Blog.

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