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Ramona Grigg
Oct 19 · 3 min read
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Hi followers, something new in the works for our newsletter: Starting this week, we’ll be publishing every Friday, highlighting the week’s stories and anything else that comes up. Meanwhile, here are some of the stories you might have missed since we last published our newsletter. (Note that all of the links will get you past Medium’s paywall.)

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I’ll start with this: It seems there are always questions about Medium publications, and sometimes there’s controversy, so I wrote a piece last week about what editors and writers should expect. What You Need to Know About Medium Publications.

A few more stories on writing:

Jennifer Furner took to the woods to write. She found her muse in a seemingly inescapable maze. Walking the Labyrinth of Revisions.

Getting paid for writing is hard enough. When you almost throw away a windfall, it gets serious. Unless it’s in Roz Warren’s hands. Then it gets funny. The Marvelous Tale of a Writing Windfall.

It Might Be a Myth but the Boogie Man is Standing Over Me. Krista Schumacher’s latest battle with writer’s block.

In How Procrastination is My Friend, Carolyn Riker learns to go with the flow.

A little humor:

If you’ve never thought there might be a connection between Downton Abbey and the Beverly Hillbillies you’re about to be educated. Roz Warren does it again.

Roz Warren rides Amtrak like a champ. She knows the rules. You had better know them, too. (Humor) Amtrak Advice: Travel Tips for Enjoying the Ride

Slice-of-life essays:

When Terry Barr watched Ken Burns’ series on Country Music he had to rethink his attitudes about his choices in music. He writes about it in Was I Ready for the Country?

In Killing Envy: My Strategies for Defeating Jealousy, Aabye-Gayle F. looks at envy and how it affected her when she was young. Her way of getting over it is well worth the read.

Carolyn Riker writes poignantly about age and feminism in Aging Has Soul Bones And Depth.

Politics, history, and Advocacy:

Hello Civility, Goodbye Rage. I thought I was onto something but it could be just be wishful thinking.

No One To Kick Around Anymore. When GT Ito was a child she used to imitate Richard Nixon. She doesn’t do that anymore.

I’m old enough to remember what it was like applying for or trying to keep a job while I had kids at home, so when I say Elizabeth Warren Was Fired For Being Pregnant, I know what I’m talking about.

My story, A Most Sublime Presidency, imagines what it would be like if Amy Klobuchar might by some magic become president.

Terry Barr writes a compelling story called, Yes, Charles, It Was the Miscegenation — Race-Mixing from Johnny Cash to William Faulkner.

Thanks for Reading. See you next week.

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Indelible Ink

Non-fiction that resonates, stories that last

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