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Are we citizens in charge? This Election will tell.

Ramona Grigg
Nov 3, 2020 · 4 min read
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It’s the morning of the most important Election Day of our lifetimes. I don’t have to tell you. Did you get some sleep last night? Mine was off and on, and every time I work up, I woke up to thinking about Donald Trump. And not in a good way.

I’m sick of thinking about Donald Trump.

On the first day voting was open to us here in Michigan, my husband and I filled out our ballots and voted for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and every Democrat down the ballot. Nobody I know is surprised by that. I want Donald Trump and his GOP enablers out of our lives forever. I want Joe Biden and his team of responsible experts to get in there and get to work. After four years of conscious destruction, this country needs fixing. Much of what we’ve accomplished over the decades has been torn apart. Deliberately. This should never have happened. Trump was a mistake from the get-go, but the Republicans refused to throttle him. It’s the mystery of the ages that they so wholeheartedly allowed someone that unqualified, that vicious, that full of himself, to rule our entire country for four full years, wreaking havoc everywhere he went.

I don’t have to tell you what he’s done. Everything he touched turned to rot. Everyone he gaslighted felt the sting. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in a pandemic Donald Trump refused to acknowledge — for the sole purpose of saving his own reputation. Nothing is his fault. He feels no responsibility. He lies. He berates and diminishes the very experts who could steer him to the truth.

We have at least 545 young children still separated from their parents, still incarcerated under horrific conditions, every one of them without perpetrating a single crime.

Everything from global warming to global respect means nothing to Donald Trump. He had no intention of studying either our history or our policies. He’s not only unfit, he’s toxic and lethal.

But the country is awakening and a couple million voters have already spoken. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic today, even before the first votes are announced. I would feel even more optimistic if I hadn’t seen so much hanky-panky from the Republicans.

The people who know these things warned us this election would be like no other — in fact, they’ve been working overtime trying to head the GOP off at the pass — but even they were shocked when Trump put in place a Postmaster General whose sole function was to slow the mails so that mail-in ballots couldn’t be counted. Trump had already spent months trying to set up distrust in voting by mail, calling it “fraud and abuse [that will be] an embarrassment to this country”.

In some Red states convenient polling places have been shut down in hopes that people would give up the idea of voting altogether. The Republicans are well aware that heavy voting doesn’t help them. They’ve given us the most ridiculous gerrymandering maps in order to keep power in some locations, and this year we’re seeing outright fearmongering, with armed pseudo-commandos menacing voters as they stand in line.

But through it all, voters have moved on. Millions of them have voted already, and they’re voting in larger numbers than we’ve seen, possibly in our lifetimes. That bodes well for the Democrats. And it’s exactly what the GOP has feared.

Even today, the last-chancers have organized ‘Trump Trains’, where hundreds of cars pull up together to stop traffic on freeways, apparently to stop voters to get to their polling places.

It doesn’t seem to occur to them, ever, that if they just worked for the people, instead of seeking power and wealth, they wouldn’t have to work so hard to keep them from voting against them.

Let this be the election that settles, once and for all, the question of who we are here in America. If the Democrats win, will the GOP finally admit they’ve made a mess of things? Probably not, but at some point we won’t care what they think.

And if, against all odds, the GOP should be given unbridled power again? Then we pick ourselves up and get back to work. They won’t take us without a fight. They should know that by now.

I’m not taking bets — we’ve been here before, where we thought it would be an easy win — but I’m feeling good today. I have faith in this country. We’ve seen what fascism will look like if we let this go. The millions of people voting early in numbers we’ve never seen before tells me we’re moving away from Trump and the GOP in the right direction.

If I’m wrong I’ll cry a lot, but I’ll emerge stronger and more determined. Because this is my country and I have no intention of letting her go without a fight.

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Ramona Grigg

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Ramona Grigg

Written by

Humor, Life, Political Opinions. Publication: Indelible Ink. Email: Newsletter:

Indelible Ink

Non-fiction that resonates, stories that last

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