Abroad // Featured Artist

Ready for another featured artist from Australia? Meet Abroad.

Abroad is an alternative/electronic duo from Sydney, Australia consisting of members Will Cruger and Jack Dawson. Currently based in London, England Abroad’s sound emphasises both members unique vocals with keys/synths and guitars over smooth drum and bass.
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It took a lot of google queries to find them outside of Spotify (especially when you are searching via “Abroad music London” — the name of their most recent EP), but once you find them it’s well worth the effort. All of their songs are connected with an underlying thread yet still beautifully unique.

Their first single called Time made it to Australia Viral 50. Check it out below.

My personal favorite is the first track on their recently released EP London, called I’ve Got To Know:

We hope we’ll be hearing more from Abroad as the year progresses ~~