Concert 4.30

Finally we get to do one of our favorite things: a concert review. On Sunday, April 30th, we had the pleasure of attending a concert with Citrusphere, Knox Hamilton, and Fenech-Soler at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA.

One word to describe the experience: ~energy~


Unfortunately we didn’t catch Citrusphere’s set, but if you’re interested you can have a listen here.

Knox Hamilton

(Tri-color) Knox Hamilton

This is my second time catching Knox Hamilton in Boston (the last time we saw them was with Coasts at Brighton Music Hall) and let’s just say it won’t be my last. The band had so much energy, an energy that rippled through the crowd. At one point, Boots Copeland knocked over a cymbal. WOWZA.

Overall, Knox Hamilton had a very solid set; they’ve definitely tightened it up since we saw them last. One of the biggest things I noticed the first time I saw them was that they were still figuring out how to make their live show sound like their album. I think this time around, they realized how achieving that sound is sometimes just not possible, and that’s one of the most appealing parts about live music. By being there, you get to see + hear in a way that no other person at a show will see or hear it.

They went out with a bang and played Washed Up Together, one of the singles off of their new EP The Heights. If you haven’t heard it yet, I have graciously provided the link below.

I happened to catch them on my way out later and interrupted their dinner to say how awesome they were. I really wanted to steal a french fry, but I refrained. Definitely recommend catching these guys live.

all the guitar, all the drums


Welcome to Boston, Fenech-Soler! This band has a fascinating history, spanning all the way back to when they were a quartet in 2006. Since then, they’ve changed labels, explored new sounds, battled cancer, and metamorphosed into the duo that crushed it at their live show.

With a new sound and a new label, the Duffy brothers brought their all and easily got the crowd going. Plus, having a killer light show and some kick-ass dance moves always helps.

It really was all in the family this show as their cousin was on the drums!

The lights were especially cool. They had a certain kaleidoscope aesthetic to them–perhaps playing off of ZILLA’s lead single, Kaleidoscope. Listen and watch the gif below + you’ll get what I mean.

Everything about Fenech-Soler spoke to the fact that they know how to play a big venue. They could’ve had a mid-show crisis when their electronic drum kit was malfunctioning, but they handled it like bosses, with korgs on korgs on korgs. And they had the coolest jackets (see exhibit A + B below).

Exhibit A (left) + Exhibit B (right)

Overall Concert Rating: 9/10. I had a blast covering this show! Both artists made the Middle East venue feel bigger, but it still is the Middle East and the lighting there never flatters.