Daily Dose // 4.4

Im just going to start with the fact that lately i’ve been digging indie covers of popular rap music. That being said, I have a treat for you…

The song is Black Beatles, A popular party anthem originally recorded by the rap duo, Rae Sremmurd.

My treat for you is a totally different track. Remastered by two collaborating artists, Anevo and Kiso. The male rap lyrics are replaced with the dreamy voice of Kayla Diamond, a Canadian Native, and also trap-ified in a way that preserves just the best parts of the original.

If you already liked the Rae Sremmurd version of this song, you’ll love this. And for those of you who don’t like the original…. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE ;). This is the perfect song whether you’re going on a run or looking for an awesome jam to blast in your car. Wherever you are listening, ENJOY!

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