Daily Dose // R.x 4.13

As I sat here, still broken hearted after the devastating MN Wild loss in overtime last night, I needed to find song to brighten my mood.

That being said, I bring to you today a funky-fresh masterpiece that will probably make you shake your booty a little bit even though you might not want to.

Let’s get out of our slump and kick today’s ass, my friends! (if you’re not in a slump, just enjoy)

The song, Green, by DENM (LA), gets me grooving in such a carefree way that I HAD to share it with you all. The track has a mellow-yet-upbeat vibe all at once, and it is wonderful.

But… maybe i just have a thing for green eyes…. ;)

Either way, listen and appreciate this bumpin’ track about love, and all it’s ups-and-downs.

• When I see them pretty green eyes
• Looking right back at mine
• I just wanna love you, baby

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